Delray Beach Election Roundup and Endorsements

Florida Jolt has written seventeen stories about the Delray Municipal Elections, more than any other local media outlet, and in the process, we’ve formed some strong opinions about the candidates.

I’ll cut to the chase on the endorsements. Florida Jolt believes Tom Carney is by far the best choice for Mayor, Anneeze Barthelemy, running for Seat 3, is a good woman who will do right by the people of Delray Beach, and Tennille Decoste is the best bet for Seat 1.

Tom Carney, Mayor

Tom Carney has the experience, intellect, work ethic, and character needed to get the job done and guide Delray Beach through what could be some rough times ahead. If Carney makes you a promise, he keeps it. Unlike most politicians, Carney’s word means something.

When Carney released a statement after filing a defamation suit against his opponent Ryan Boylston, he said in part:

I have earned, over the course of my life and professional career, a reputation for honesty, integrity, and civility. ~Tom Carney

That’s the truth and how I’ve seen Carney act over the years. Carney is a grownup who acts like one with experience in complicated affairs. That’s what all cities need, including Delray.

Ryan Boylston, Tom Carney’s primary opponent, acts like a fool, a balding tattooed Peter Pan who always seems to want to take off his clothes.

This one sentence from the SunSentinel sums up Boylston’s campaign nicely.

A recent Boylston announcement shows how his campaign is mostly an exercise in marketing.~SunSentinel

Recently, Boylston sent out a mailer spouting conspiracy theories by a left-wing blogger saying that Carney was secretly working with Shelley Petrolia, etc. They may even believe the moon landings were staged in Carney’s backyard. Who knows with these kinds of people? No proof of any of it, but truth is not something in Boylston’s repertoire. He’s the PT Barnum of Delray, who designs websites and does marketing.

On Feb. 29, I wrote:

The Palm Beach Post endorsed Tom Carney for Mayor, as did the SunSentinel, and they both explained why. Both papers are “progressive” and are no fans of mine.

The world of full-time politics is small and consists of candidates, donors, lobbyists, journalists, business people, and political consultants. Word gets around when a politician doesn’t keep his word and can’t be trusted to tell the truth.

The Palm Beach Post, The SunSentinal, The Florida Housing Innovations Council, and Florida Jolt are not fans of Boylston.122

Hmm, I wonder what that might mean. ~Jack Furnari

Character matters. Carney has character, and Boylston does not. On that issue alone, Carney is the only logical choice.

Anneze Barthelemy, Seat Three

I knew Nick Coppola before I knew Anneze Barthelemy. Coppola assured me he had moderate views, and he wasn’t radical about anything. That turned out not to be true, as his own social media posts have proven.

On March 7, I wrote:

So, according to his own social media posts, Coppola is anti-Catholic/Christian and would want to hit you with a baseball bat when insulted, and he and his partner are icky vulgar little creeps who want to show up with long guns at protests. Coppola inadvertently makes a hell of a case for “Red Flag” laws. ~Jack Furnari

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I have a story about Barthelemy that every candidate or wanna-be candidate should pay attention to. The first time I spoke to Anneze was to get her comment and explanation about something ugly two volunteers had said on an inadvertent recording that a source had sent me. Barthelemy is a Republican, and it’s tough making that kind of call to a fellow Republican. When I call a Republican for a comment or explanation about a story that probably won’t turn out fabulous for them, I often get the hostile, “I thought you were a Republican” routine. Barthelemy was calm and friendly. She explained what had happened and what she had done about it and gave me a quote. Frankly, she was charming, and I liked her. ~Jack Furnari

I always try to pick the person with the best character, a decent person who’s running for the right reasons.

In Seat Three, that person is Anneze Barthelemy.

Tennille Decoste, Seat One

Here, we have a race between three democrats, but according to my colleague Tracy Caruso, who knows more about the candidates than I do in this race, Decoste is the one to go with.

One of Decoste’s opponents, Jim Chard, is 79, and you can accuse me of ageism if you want. I don’t care, but I’ve had enough of these relics from the year of the flood—especially someone who has insane ideas about bicycle lanes.

Decoste is another decent, solid candidate who has been savagely smeared by people who tried to drive her out of the race.

She deserves your vote.

That’s it. Whoever you decide to support, please go out and vote

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