Delray’s Ryan Boylston and Nick Coppola Savaged in New Mailer

Progressives for A Better South Florida accuse Delray Candidates Ryan Boylston and Nick Coppola of spreading hate and inciting violence on their social media accounts in a new mailer.

Address side of mailer:

The always faddish and narcissistic Boylston was called out for his support of Black Lives Matter (BLM), the group responsible for an outrageous orgy of violence in many cities after the George Floyd incident and who now regularly join Jew-hating pro-Hamas demonstrations, never mind all the donor money that various BLM leaders stole.

Ryan has never denounced BLM, which I’m aware of, and frankly, that’s a disgrace. BLM is a discredited movement, and no one who wants to be Mayor of the “Village by the Sea” should ever have supported a violent organization like BLM, no matter what their stated cause.

In Ryan Boylston’s little slice of heaven in this mailer, he’s wearing a shirt covered in handguns, a BLM mask, and an illustration of the Black Lives Matter ugly monolithic signs he suggested for the entry columns to Delray. Boylston posted this nonsense himself on his own social media accounts.

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Note: I texted Boylston the following question yesterday at 2:20 PM. I have not received a response.


Boylston is mostly a pathetic, insecure little man, but I don’t consider him dangerous. Nicholas Coppola, on the other hand, openly incites violence and insults religious leaders. Coppola and his husband, David Crespo, are among the lowest-rent couples I’ve seen in a long time.

When someone disagrees with a politician in Delray, follow Coppola’s lead and take a closeup photo of your ugly mug with your husband in the background, using both hands to give the finger. That’s what street urchins do, not political leaders.

If someone calls you a name, threaten to beat them with a baseball bat like Coppola does because that’s the kind of leadership Delray Beach needs, isn’t it? It’s just so “Village by the Sea-ish.”

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So, according to his own social media posts, Coppola is anti-Catholic/Christian and would want to hit you with a baseball bat when insulted, and he and his partner are icky vulgar little creeps who want to show up with long guns at protests. Coppola inadvertently makes a hell of a case for “Red Flag” laws.

People always say that elections should be about issues, and mostly they should, but character matters a lot. Without character, the issues don’t matter because politicians without character lie and do whatever they want once in office.

Look closely at their own social media posts. These are not men of character.

Full Mailer: 

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