FHIC Says Delray Beach Candidate Juli Casale is an Imposter

In the latest video from the Florida Housing Innovations Council (FHIC), former Delray Beach Commissioner and current commission candidate Juli Casale gets hammered and compared to disgraced Republican Congressman George Santos for lying.

Casale, who was annihilated in 2023 when she ran for reelection against now Commissioner Rob Long, is running for another commission seat. But affordable housing developer FHIC isn’t going to let this election cycle go without letting residents know how he and many others see her – as an imposter and con woman with a wholly fabricated background that has been compared to disgraced former Congressman George Santos.

Delray Beach commission candidate Juli Casale has been compared to the con man and disgraced former Congressman George Santos.

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Florida Housing Innovations Council (FHIC) is a PAC run by a developer named Kurt Jetta, who seems to have decided that he’s sick of Delray Commissioners who promise to bring more affordable housing projects to Delray Beach but, when given a chance actually to do so, vote against them. Jetta’s latest project for a multi-tenant housing unit (MTHU) in Delray received a four-to-one “no” vote from the commission, with the only vote in favor being from Commissioner Angela Burns. The project would have been for those earning under thirty-five thousand a year. The rejection of this project motivated Jetta to start a PAC and put serious money into supporting candidates he would like to see on the dais. 

The latest video against Juli Casale disputes claims she’s made about her background and qualifications, a hit job that could help her opponents in their election, and their campaigns didn’t have to pay for it. This one is courtesy of a PAC called FHIC.

The result is a brutal shadow campaign, and it’s good. FHIC’s popcorn-worthy videos convey a message with statements that residents always say they don’t want to see but can’t get enough of. The FHIC has sent out texts, videos, and polls, and they even sent a truck to drive up and down Delray Beach’s main street, Atlantic Ave, with videos ripping apart the candidate who was Jetta’s primary target until now, current Commissioner Ryan Boylston, who is running for mayor. The FHIC has painted Boylston, a Democrat who has built his political career by touting his support for the often neglected people and parts of the city, as an opportunist who doesn’t care about poor people. The attacks seemed brutal until FHIC came out with a poll that showed Boylston’s opponent, Tom Carney, in the lead for the mayoral race and former Commissioner Juli Casale as the frontrunner in the current commission race against Nick Coppola, a highly endorsed, well-liked candidate seen by many as the sure winner in the upcoming election, and conservative Haitian social worker, and breath of fresh air Anneze Barthelemy, a candidate with true grit who has proven to be someone who couldn’t be pushed out of her race, despite pressure from political insiders. Now, Jetta’s FHIC has set its sights on Juli Casale, a former commissioner whose opponent Coppola has painted as a “defund the police” reject whom residents didn’t want when she ran for reelection in 2023 against now Commissioner Rob Long. 

FHIC claims that Juli Casale is an imposter and urges voters not to fall for the “Casale Con.”

The latest video, which was sent via text to Delray voters, compares Casale to disgraced former Congressman George Santos, a lying con man who fabricated his entire background and got away with it until he didn’t. Casale, a progressive left-winger who attacked Republicans whenever she could when she was in office but is now desperately trying to get their support, claims to be a Harvard graduate, a highly successful businesswoman who sold her company for “millions and millions” of dollars, who also claims to care about affordable housing. Casale won her first commission race primarily based on these claims, which many have said over the years aren’t true. The latest video seeks to debunk Casale’s possible delusions of grandeur by stating that her carefully crafted background bio, which gave her credibility, is false and urges voters not to fall for the “Casale Con.” This newest video makes the Boylston attacks look like child’s play. 

The FHIC morphs disgraced con man and former Congressman George Santos’s face into Delray Beach candidate Juli Casale’s face, implying they’re identical.

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Casale has been sending campaign messaging mailers that create the image of a state-at-home mom who enjoys volunteer work. One mailer states, for example, that she is a “daughter,” a qualification that any woman alive can claim, and being a “tennis player,” an odd way for a nonprofessional player to say she plays and enjoys tennis. She also mentions that she’s a mother but not that she’s a grandmother, a fact that came to light from a lawsuit. Casale was involved in a lawsuit against an insurance adjuster in Connecticut named Leon Collins. According to court documents, Casale owns a trailer in her home state of Connecticut, where one of her daughters and “her family” live, family members that have never been mentioned in Casale’s “perfect family life” mailers. The trailer burned down, resulting in Casale being sued by Collins, an insurance adjuster, who had gotten her money back for the unfortunate accident. Casale didn’t feel the payout was enough. Casale tried to avoid paying Collins the total amount owed by having her husband, an attorney, represent her in a lawsuit against him. She lost and agreed to pay off her remaining debt for thirty-five dollars a week until the three thousand-ish payment was complete, a baffling move for a person claiming to be a wealthy entrepreneur. Before being a commissioner in Delray Beach, Casale’s life doesn’t exist online, leaving residents to wonder what Kurt Jetta has discovered and what the FHIC will come out with next. If this campaign messaging continues to escalate, the next video should be a doozy. 

Casale Court Documents

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