Delray Candidate Ryan Boylston Slammed by Florida Housing Innovations Council

Candidate for Delray Beach Mayor Ryan Boylston says he’s committed to affordable housing, but the Florida Housing Innovations Council (FHIC) vehemently disagrees.

FHIC sent out a press release announcing a series of hard-hitting ads directed against Boylston “focused on Boylston’s refusal to support the review of an affordable housing option targeted to people making less than $35,000 per year.”

Boylston is running against former Delray Beach commissioner and mayor Tom Carney and Shirley Johnson.

“As a candidate, Mr. Boylston is trying to position himself as a candidate that supports affordable housing, and we are not going to let that happen because the facts against him are devastating,” stated FHIC President and Founder, Dr. Kurt Jetta.

First FHIC ad about Boylston

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In an emailed statement to Florida Jolt, Dr. Jetta said,

“Persuasion didn’t work, Addressing Objections didn’t work, Top-notch legal advice didn’t work, Public Support didn’t work, Community Engagement didn’t work, Lobbying from respected community leaders (Krieg, Immelman, Berman, Perlman, Cassello) didn’t work. It ultimately gets down to five elected officials that decide the fate of a good policy, and FHIC is working to get people in office that are sympathetic to those policies, and letting others know there are consequences to opposing them.” – Kurt Jetta, Founder of Florida Housing Innovations Council

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Full Press Release from Florida Housing Innovations Council

Boylston texted Floria Jolt a response to the Florida Housing Innovations Council:

I’ve been the strongest advocate for affordable housing on the dais since I was elected in 2018, and during my time we built a record, 274 affordable housing units. Mr. Jetta was not interested in presenting his communal living business through the proper channels of a community lead housing diversity plan. Instead he has attempted to strong-arm the city into revising land development regulations to fit his needs. Delray has spent years coming to grips with the impacts from communal living and sober home challenges, and I’m not going to roll over now to a developer bully. And I certainly will not be swayed by political attacks and threats – not from Mr. Jetta or his PAC.- Delray Beach Mayoral Candidate Ryan Boylston.

Building housing for people making under $35,000 per year is problematic. Still, if a candidate wants to be a hero of the “working class,” whatever that means in Delray Beach, which, according to, has a median income of $69,804, I would think there’d have been a better way this could have been handled.

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