About Us

Florida Jolt publishes news, opinion, politics, and lifestyle news. We’re working for “We The People” in bringing you the news, events, issues, opinions, and people scorned by the legacy media.

Florida Jolt was founded, in part, to give a voice to people scorned by the legacy media, parents of public school children, conservatives, homeschoolers, the religious, the traditional, pro-lifers, libertarians, etc.

Florida Jolt is a conservative-oriented news and lifestyle publication, and while we don’t pretend to be unbiased, we’re fair, accurate, and transparent.


FloridaJolt.com and its predecessor, PBCJolt.com, are owned by Jolt Media, Inc., a for-profit S corporation registered in Florida.

Gioachino (Jack) Vincent Furnari wholly owns Jolt Media, Inc.

Financing and Revenue

The company earns a small amount of revenue from display advertising through its website and emails, but Furnari personally fiances the company himself as a community service.


At Florida Jolt, our top priority is providing readers with accurate and truthful reporting. We believe that it is essential for the public to have access to reliable information, and we take multiple steps to verify the claims in our articles. The claims in our articles are fact-checked by authors and reviewed by editors and internal fact-checkers.

We prioritize primary sources whenever possible and always credit other news sources when their work informs our own. We want our readers to be able to trust the information they find on our site, and we are committed to addressing any concerns as quickly as possible.


Florida Jolt will never knowingly misstate a fact. We pride ourselves on being accurate and credible, even while being opinionated.

But like all human beings and endeavors, we can make mistakes. If you spot an inaccuracy or an error in our work, we ask that you email us at [email protected].

We’ll immediately investigate, and if we make a mistake, we’ll issue a prominent correction.

Site Sections & Categories

Florida Jolt publishes news, opinion, humor, lifestyle, and commentary. We designate story categories above headlines within a red outline.
Our categories include News, News/Commentary, The Jack Report, Opinion, Lifestyle, Technology, and Memes.

Category Definitions:

News without any opinion.

Mostly news but with a small amount of opinion.

The Jack Report
A mixture of news and opinion by the publisher of Florida Jolt, Gioachino “Jack” Furnari.

The writer’s opinion and only the writer’s opinion.

Memes can be humorous, ironic, informative, and a form of opinion.

Our lifestyle features have always been positive and haven’t needed a categorization other than lifestyle. We will adjust the category if we begin writing lifestyle reviews and criticisms.
Some technology posts include opinion.


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Founder & Publisher: Jack V. Furnari

Editor & Technology Operations: Lisa Gaal

Managing Editor: Augustus LeRoux

Editor at Large: Tracy Caruso

Director of Content: Amanda Silvestri

Staff Writer: Adam Wilson

Contributing Writer: John Parker

Contributing Writer: Dominick Buehler

Contributing Writer: Emerald Lisa Furnari


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