Delray Beach Candidate Ryan Boylston ‘Hit’ by Truck This Weekend

Not only did Delray Beach Mayoral candidate Ryan Boylston get ‘hit’ by a truck this weekend, but the SunSentinel endorsed his opponent Tom Carney.

The Florida Housing Innovations Council (FHIC), run by Dr. Kurt Jetta, paid for the truck. Florida Jolt first documented FHIC’s opposition to Boylston’s candidacy in  Delray Candidate Ryan Boylston Slammed by Florida Housing Innovations Council.

At the time, Jetta said: “As a candidate, Mr. Boylston is trying to position himself as a candidate that supports affordable housing, and we are not going to let that happen because the facts against him are devastating,” stated FHIC President and Founder, Dr. Kurt Jetta.

But onto the truck. I cobbled this little video together from various reader submissions.

The truck drove all around Delray Beach on Friday and Saturday. On the truck, Dr. Jetta endorses Delray Seat 3 City Commission candidate Anneze Barthelemy and again slams Boylston. The truck is way cool because it’s not just a billboard truck. It’s a video screen truck.

Full Disclosure: I’ve donated to Anneze Barthelemy and support her campaign.

The SunSentinel endorsement of Carney is subscriber-only, but here’s the link:

Tom Carney best choice for mayor of Delray Beach | Endorsement

These quotes sum up their endorsement if you don’t subscribe to the SunSentinal

Carney, 70, has lived in Delray Beach since 1995. He’s a vocal critic of overdevelopment and overspending, and his expertise on tax and finance matters will be invaluable on a commission that has far too little of it.

“No one even knows the right questions to ask,” Carney says of the City Commission. ~SunSentinel

The Sentinel had this to say about Boylston:

A recent Boylston announcement shows how his campaign is mostly an exercise in marketing….

Boylston voted to reduce the millage rate, but that did not lower anyone’s tax bill. Homeowners and businesses are paying higher real estate taxes than ever in Delray, and many other places, because of surging property assessments. Every homeowner knows that what really matters in the pocketbook is the amount of taxes due, not the wonkish tax rate. ~SunSentinel

Read the whole Sentinel endorsement if you can.

My endorsement of Barthelemy is in the second half of this post: Delray’s Ryan Boylston Mauled Again, Republicans Carney & Barthelemy Hold Fundraiser

I donated to Barthelemy’s campaign on Tuesday night, not just because she’s a Republican but because I think she’s a good person running for the right reasons. ~Jack Furnari

On a harsher note, I can’t stand slickster politicians who lie about cutting taxes with the “millage rate scam,” and as I promised a few years ago, I intend to call every politician who does it exactly what they are – a liar.

I tweeted this the other day.

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