Delray Beach City Commission Campaign Staff Uses Anti-Gay Slur

Anneze Barthelemy, a candidate for the Delray Beach City Commission, inadvertently broadcast part of her campaign meeting on Facebook, and it was ugly.

Two volunteers for the Barthelemy campaign are heard on the video, one, Christopher Carl Ferris, says, “One of her competitors already told her to step down, that’s a f*ggot…I don’t care if someone’s gay,” to which another volunteer, who has been identified by the campaign as Josephine Dachoute, responds “I care, I don’t want nobody gay.” Bathrelemy confirmed the identities of the voices heard on the recording.

Ferris also says on the recording that he is “not officially” a citizen of Delray Beach but could “probably change my address before the election.”

Short version of the recording with subtitles added by FloridaJolt

Ferris uses the anti-gay slur in reference to Nicholas Coppola, one of Barthelemy’s opponents in the race, who is gay.

After this error in judgment, there were political operatives waiting to pounce, who downloaded that part of the video and leaked it. Florida Jolt’s sources initially incorrectly claimed that Barthelemy herself was the voice heard on the video.

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Barthelemy confirmed that the voice heard on the tape was not hers and that she was not physically present during that portion of the inadvertent livestream from the official campaign account.

Barthelemy gave a statement on the matter: “I don’t agree with what they said, and I will not be using them anymore.” She added, “What people do in their bedroom is not my business.”

Delray City Commission Candidate Anneze Barthelemy

Barthelemy clarified that the volunteers will not be participating further in her campaign.

Florida Jolt has a captioned version of the video with higher-quality audio and a longer version of the tape where the campaign staff identify themselves that makes clear the voice on the video is not Barthelemy’s.

The long version of the recording

Barthelemy is running for Delray City Commission Seat #3 and faces Nicholas Coppola and Juli Casale. The election will be held on March 19, 2024.

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