Delray Beach Elections: Crybaby Coppola & Old Man Chard

The Delray Beach municipal elections have become a slugfest, with whiny professional victim Nick Coppola getting his comeuppance and an old leftist named Jim Chard being called out for his crazy ideas.

Nick Coppola-Candidate Delray Seat Three City Commission

Coppola posted this on Facebook about a mailer sent by Progressives For A Better South Florida, which he alleges one of his opponents, Juli Casale, is behind. That Coppola has the nerve to try and play the victim here is outrageous. Coppola’s social media posts are ugly and would get him fired by most major corporations, never mind elected to the Delray City Commission.

Full Disclosure: I have endorsed and donated to one of Coppola’s opponents, Anneze Barthelemy, and I have never met or spoken to Juli Casale.

There aren’t many rules left in politics, but those of us who do have rules generally don’t drag a candidate’s family members into things, except if the family member involves themself in politics or financially benefits from a family member’s involvement. Then they’re fair game.

Delray’s Ryan Boylston and Nick Coppola Savaged in New Mailer

This is the part of the mailer Coppola is whining about:

Full mailer at end of this post.

If they didn’t send this social media post to Casale, then who did they send it to? Coppola doesn’t say what’s a lie in the mailer but a word to the wise:

if you send out a photo of your Walmart T-shirt-wearing spouse giving anyone the finger with both hands, guess what? He’s joined the game and has to take the heat like anyone else.

Celebrating or threatening violence is unacceptable for a wannabe political leader, not that anyone is afraid of a keyboard warrior like Coppola, but it could encourage others to violence.

What’s truly “offensive” and “disrespectful” is Coppola calling Catholic Bishops “drag queens.” As a Catholic, I was personally offended. Coppola’s attack on Catholic clergy should be a warning to every Catholic and Christian in Delray Beach that Coppola is not your friend and holds you in contempt.

Hey, Coppola. Cry more.

In a different Delray race, my colleague Tracy Caruso has called the race for seat one “a total snooze fest” and a”race that no one cared about.” 79-year-old Jim Chard is facing off against Dem HR Executive Tennille DeCoste and a Dem businessman named Tom Market.

As of Caruso’s last post, the race is no longer a snooze fest, and Chard got hit with this mailer by Progressives For A Better South Florida a few days ago.

What caught my eye in this mailer is Chard’s extreme bicycle lane advocacy. Let’s all be honest with each other- Palm Beach County, especially cities like Boca Raton and Delray, are freaking killing fields for bicycle riders, and no amount of bicycle lanes will change that. There are too many old coots like Chard driving around. I once had an elderly couple drive straight at me, going the wrong way on Military Trail in Boca Raton. Is there anyone reading this who doesn’t have a similar story?

I never let my son ride a bicycle when he was younger outside our development. I’m sixty-six years old, so I’m not a young buck anymore, and I can tell my reflexes aren’t what they were as little as ten years ago. We have 85-90 year olds driving around, and they’ll knock you dead. Bicycle riders have a right to assume that risk, but local governments must have some common sense.

I know, bike lanes sound so greeny touchy-feely wonderful, but narrowing Congress to just two lanes to create a bike path is nuts and a recipe for serious death and injury.

Hell, at 79, Chard may run himself over without realizing it.


Coming soon: Delray’s Lyin Ryan Bolston gets carpet-bombed.

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