PBC Republican Party Lincoln Day at Mar-A-Lago A Blockbuster Hit

On Friday, March 15, the Republican Party of Palm Beach County held its annual Lincoln Day event and broke all previous records with 800 attendees and over a million dollars raised in one night.

The event was held at Mar-A-Lago, President Trump and a long list of GOP luminaries spoke.

“Palm Beach County GOP Chair Kevin Neal. Good, they like Kevin, where the hell is Kevin? They like Kevin, I like Kevin too.”

~President Trump when he was naming the speakers and elected officials at the event.


“This was a record setting Lincoln Day Dinner for the Republican Party of Palm Beach County. Our Lincoln Day Committee consisted of a very motivated team of Republican Executive Committee members and we achieved unrivaled results with this event. The grand ballroom at the Mar-a-Lago Club was sold out with 800 attendees and the line up of speakers consisting of America First elected officials from Florida kept the energy electrified all night. We raised over one million dollars which is the most money we have ever raised at a Lincoln Day Dinner. We were excited to see supporters in attendance who have supported our local Party for years as well as many new supporters who we hope will continue to support our local Party in the future. Palm Beach County is turning red faster than many realize and the primary objective for our fundraising at this event is to get Republicans elected in Palm Beach County and that is what we plan to do.”

~Kevin Neal, Republican Party of Palm Beach County Chairman and Chairman of the Lincoln Day Committee

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“The Palm Beach Republican Party has done a terrific job and you have terrific leaders who have ensured that we are well positioned for success going forward and I want to thank them. This is the most remarkable Lincoln Day Dinner I have ever been to and a lot of you deserve a great deal of credit for that.”

~Rep. Matt Gaetz. First District of Florida

The local legacy media did their best to try to wreck this Lincoln Day, with constant reports of internal dissension in the local party that might ruin Lincoln Day and bankrupt the party.

In their dreams, maybe, but of course, that’s not what happened. Funny, I’m writing this on Sunday night, and I have yet to see the legacy Marxist media report on the tremendous success of Lincoln Day. What a surprise.

We have a country to save, and Republicans banded together and opened their wallets.

Whenever there’s a change in leadership in any organization, there’s jostling and infighting while new groups of people learn how to work with each other. It’s so common it’s usually not worth mentioning, except if you’re The Palm Beach Post and SunSentinel and out to hurt the Republican Party.

But a million dollars is the most money the local party has ever raised at a single event, and Republicans will be loaded for bear, or donkey as it were, this November.

This was fun to see as I drove to Mar-A-Lago.

I haven’t attended a large event in a while, but seeing so many old and new friends coming together for the cause was invigorating.

Palm Beach County Commissioner Sara Baxter, Republican Party of Palm Beach County Chair Kevin Neal, and Laura Jacobs

President Trump is welcomed to the stage by Chairman Kevin Neal—video courtesy of Palm Beach County Republican State Committeewoman Cindy Tindell.

Jack Furnari (me), candidate for PBC Republican State Committeewoman Jodi Schwartz with a potential “Where’s Tracy’ post on the far left.


Shanny Tossie HD 90 Candidate Bill Reicherter, and Josie Machovec
Shanny Tozzi, HD 90 Candidate Bill Reicherter, and Josie Machovec
Florida Jolt Editor at Large Tracy Caruso, Florida U.S. Senator Rick Scott, and State Rep. Mike Caruso


Palm Beach County Republican State Committeewoman Cindy Tindell
Palm Beach County Commissioner Sara Baxter and HD 94 Republican candidate Anthony Aguirre


Jack Furnari (me) and Florida Jolt Editor at Large Tracy Caruso

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Julie Gutman with husband and candidate for CD-22 Andrew Gutman.
Jen Stenberg with husband and Boca Raton city council candidate Brian Stenberg, Florida Jolt Editor at Large Tracy Caruso, and Republican Party of Florida Chairman Evan Power


President Trump

Even my old buddy and dentist for over 25 years, Dr. Allen Konis, took out a full-page ad in the program. If you need a dentist in Boca Raton, Allen is the man to see.

No two ways about it. Friday was a fantastic and essential night for Palm Beach County, Florida, and our country.

Congratulations to Kevin Neal and his team for doing such a great job.

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