30 Sheriffs Blast Progressive Group Florida Rising for ‘Anti-law Enforcement Rhetoric’

An open letter signed by 30 of Florida’s county Sheriffs asserts that the anti-police rhetoric from the left-wing group Florida Rising should turn voters away from the organization’s endorsed candidates like Charlie Crist.

The letter argued the harmful effects of Florida Rising with no uncertain terms.

“Recent years have forced out of the shadows a radical agenda to demonize law enforcement, and given voice to dangerous attempts to defund and defame the police. Both have led to unspeakable violence against officers in our state and across the country,”

They also described the group as “a self-described socialist organization that espouses anti-law enforcement sentiments and believes in defunding the police as the only way to keep our communities safe.”

The open letter also claimed that Florida Rising had compared law enforcement to the Klu Klux Klan.

“Their hate speech claims law enforcement and the KKK are one and the same and clearly state that school resource officers have no place in our schools.”

According to Florida’s Voice, Florida Rising has advocated completely removing all police presence in schools and leaving them virtually defenseless, claiming that mere police presence harms children and doesn’t help anyone.

“Police-free Schools are possible and NECESSARY. We marched on Osceola School Board grounds to call for the REMOVAL of all SROs in schools”

The group has argued for the legalization of prostitution and has advocated for an “international proletarian revolution.”, per Florida’s Voice.

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The group is also associated with the potential scamming of Hurricane Ian donors, funneling relief money to left-wing causes.

Florida Rising’s Senior Director of Programs & Advocacy, Moné Holder, responded to the letter primarily by calling critics of her organization radicals.

“We hope that 30 Florida Sheriffs that have signed on to this memo, will stand with the people of this great state, rather than serve as a mouthpiece for the radical right and we would ask the Florida Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee, and their corporate donors, to focus their attention on the cost of living crisis they have created, while we keep fighting for Floridians’ freedoms.”


Florida Rising has endorsed Democrats up and down the ballot, including Charlie Crist and Val Demings.

The open letter closed by urging voters not to vote for Florida Risings endorsed candidates.

“On behalf of the hardworking law enforcement officers across our state and the communities we serve and protect, the below signed Florida Sheriffs denounce Florida Rising’s anti-law enforcement hate speech and defund the police agenda. We strongly urge Floridians to reject this organization and their hand-picked candidates up and down the ballot, as they are a threat to Florida law enforcement and the safety of this great state.”

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