Breaking Video: Cowardly Charlie Crist Runs from Questions, Staff Bullies Reporter

Democrat candidate for Governor Charlie Crist was confronted on (Monday/TODAY), about asking for donations from the victims of the devastating Hurricane Ian. Crist refused to answer, eventually retreating to a car while one of Crist’s staffers got physical.

Florida Voice’s Brendon Leslie tweeted the video Monday evening. In it, he approaches Crist, surrounded by various volunteers, and asks the question.

Why is your website asking for donations from Hurricane Ian victims? A lot of readers want to know why, can you answer that question?

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Desantis War Room jumped on the confrontation and retweeted the video within 20 minutes.

Leslie also tweeted a follow-up inviting followers to “enjoy the fireworks.”

“A Charlie Crist campaign volunteer was not happy I asked his candidate about why they were seeking donations from Hurricane Ian victims.”

And enjoy it they did. Twitter users had plenty to say about the video. One user asked why Crist dodged Leslie’s question.

Others focused o what the clip showed about Crist’s character and the integrity of the left side of the aisle in general.

And one user simply tweeted a gif summing up Crist’s mindset at that moment.

This type of confrontation is not a good look on any politician, with the election rapidly approaching a recent flurry of gaffes and scandals; it’s even worse for Crist.

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