Anti-Israel Crackhead Barney Ambushes Actor Alec Baldwin

Actor Alec Baldwin, who has had his share of public temper tantrums and significant controversy over the years, actually became the innocent victim when he was ambushed by an obnoxious lunatic who calls herself Crackhead Barney, who demanded that he declare “Free Palestine”  in an upscale New York City coffee shop, according to the NY Post.

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Perhaps unsurprisingly, Baldwin was livid and snatched the phone from Crackhead Barney, a far-left activist known for outrageous public performances, who seemingly did this to cater to the lowest societal common denominator. The two fought tooth and nail to get the phone as the duo tumbled outside of the restaurant. Once outside, Baldwin stormed off. 

According to the NY Post,

An irate Baldwin, 66, was seen struggling with the woman out the front door and down the stoop of Maman, an upscale cafe on University Place in Greenwich Village, after she had accosted him inside on Monday and demanded he declare “Free Palestine” as she filmed him.

Crackhead tried to badger Baldwin into saying “Free Palestine” several times. 

“Alec, can you please say ‘Free Palestine’ one time?” she asked him several times before promising to leave him alone if he said it once. As he headed for the door shaking his head, she added ““F–k Israel, f–k Zionism.”

After harassing Balwin, Crackhead stomped around, talking to herself about how Baldwin had assaulted her while calling random passersby racists and “Zionist bitches.”

“My performance art and confrontational media is a statement about the double standards of society in the US,” Crackhead Barney said in a statement. 

Crackhead Barney’s recent video works of art consist of her cursing at cops and telling pro-Israel demonstrators, “You know they’re not coming home, right?” referring to hostages kidnapped by Hamas. Someone ought to give Crackhead Barney a one-way ticket to Gaza. 

In an interview shown on Piers Morgan, Crackhead appeared in whiteface and a diaper, looking utterly insane.

It’s hard to say what’s the most shocking, the fact that Crackhead Barney has succeeded in making Alec Baldwin look entirely sane and normal or the fact that this loser has an audience of nearly 100,000 followers on Instagram.

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