Detransitioning-The Thing Leftists Don’t Want To Talk About

Transmania has swept our country, and people are fighting for “gender-affirming care” for minors, all in the name of ensuring that young people don’t end up committing suicide. Frightened parents who want to support their children are going through with this, but the thing leftists don’t want to talk about is that many of these kids change their minds and detransitioning.

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Florida has refused to be gaslighted by the Budlighting of America. Despite claims from Democrat bully pulpits around the country, making untrue claims that Florida and Republicans are just “anti,” Florida has made performing “gender-affirming” surgery and prescribing dangerous hormone blockers for minors illegal. This was the right thing to do, given that enough years have passed, and we can now see the results of transitioning. According to a study noted in the NY Post, as many as two-thirds change their minds and want to go back to their biological gender, only to find out that they will never physically or mentally be the same again. 

To add insult to injury, healthcare insurance providers and mental health professionals applaud and support the decision to transition, but when someone realizes they’ve made a terrible mistake and want to go back, they’re on their own financially and psychologically. Detransitioners are the enemy because the more the public is exposed to them and their stories, the more likely it is that people won’t accept transitioning as normal or acceptable.

According to the NY Post, Sweden just changed the legal age to change one’s gender from 18 to 16, even though a recent poll by Stockholm’s TV4 shows that 59 percent of Swedes say it is a bad law, leaving one to wonder why is there a worldwide push for gender fluidity, wiping out gender roles and norms, and a huge push to make being a straight up male “toxic.”

New studies like the Cass Reviewwhich concludes there isn’t any proof that children benefit from “gender-affirming care.”

“is an area of remarkably weak evidence, and yet results of studies are exaggerated or misrepresented by people on all sides of the debate to support their viewpoint. The reality is that we have no good evidence on the long-term outcomes of interventions to manage gender-related distress.” ~Cass Review

Writing for The Dispatch, science writer Jesse Singal wrote,

Cass’ findings led to significant new restrictions on puberty blockers and hormones for youth in the U.K. The changes follow similar decisions based on comparable (albeit less ambitious) reviews in countries like Finland, Sweden, and Norway. Other European nations seem poised to follow suit.

On the other hand, the vast majority of American media coverage has for years touted the safety and efficacy of these treatments. In some cases, writers and reporters denounced the foolishness (if not transphobia) of those who exhibit undue skepticism toward them. These articles are often festooned with quotes from psychologists, psychiatrists, and endocrinologists with extremely impressive credentials—the sorts of people we are told to trust—reinforcing the view that if these treatments have any risks or unknowns, they are small, easily swamped by their salutary effects. A certain message has been delivered with the repetition of a drumbeat: An informed, compassionate person should support access to youth gender medicine.  ~Jessie Singal

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Chloe Cole may be America’s most well-known and vocal detransitioner. She spoke before Congress last year, telling her tragic story. She’s testified with four state legislatures to pass a Detransitioners Bill of Rights that requires health insurance providers to cover the cost of detransitioning. Chloe visited Florida’s state legislature and told her story. She’s a brave young woman, but when you meet her, you know something isn’t how it should be, and she’ll have to live with it forever. She will never have a completely “normal” life.

Chloe wrote ‘Docs Ignore Detransitioners Like Me’ for the NY Post. At the age of 12, Chloe wanted to transition. Everyone supported her. She took hormone blockers and had a double mastectomy. Insurance covered all of it. Everyone thought this was the best decision, and her parents were told that if they questioned it, she could end up killing herself. Then, at age 16, the unthinkable happened, and she changed her mind.

What many of us would say happened is that she went through a phase and grew out of it, which is why it is disgustingly wrong to do this kind of thing to a child. Transitioning isn’t the same as getting a tattoo that can be removed when you get a little older and is now consider it to be embarrassing. As soon as Chloe wanted to detransition, no one supported her. They tried to talk her out of it and said that this was all part of the “gender journey.” She says she was treated as though she was crazy for wanting to go back to her actual biological sex, and health insurance wouldn’t cover a penny for detransitioning. Chloe is 19 now, and she’s made her story public. She says more and more kids are going down the same road she did at age 12 and some even younger. Chloe goes on to warn that transitions aren’t reversible and that she’ll need psychiatric and pharmaceutical help for the rest of her life. 

I didn’t know what was being done to me. Now, the people who did it shouldn’t be allowed to ignore me. ~Chloe Cole.

It’s time for us as a society to say enough is enough. Detransitioning is real; it’s common, and it’s the reason to stop “gender-affirming” care for minors in this country now and let’s call it what it is: child abuse. 

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