Trump Vows Crackdown on ‘Marxist Maniacs and Lunatics’ Running Universities

Former President Donald Trump says he plans to crack down on the “Marxist maniacs and lunatics” running America’s universities if elected to the White House this year. In a new video posted to his Truth Social page Tuesday night, Trump railed against the ongoing anti-Semitic protests on college campuses and vowed to reform the institutions that have become “obsessed with indoctrinating America’s youth.”

“For many years, tuition costs at colleges and universities have been exploding, and I mean absolutely exploding,” Trump said. “While academics have been obsessed with indoctrinating America’s youth, the time has come to reclaim our once great educational institutions from the radical left. And we will do that.”

The former President says he plans to reform the universities by going after the college accreditation process. “The accreditors are supposed to ensure that schools are not ripping off students and taxpayers,” Trump said. “But they have failed totally.”

“When I return to the White House, I will fire the radical left, accreditors that have allowed our colleges to become dominated by Marxist maniacs and lunatics. We will then accept applications for new accreditors who will impose real standards on colleges once again, and once and for all.”

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Trump said that the new standards of the accreditation process would include “defending the American tradition and Western civilization, protecting free speech, eliminating wasteful administrative positions that drive up costs, incredibly, removing all Marxist diversity, equity, and inclusion bureaucrats, offering options for accelerated and low-cost degrees, providing meaningful job placement and career services, and implementing college entrance and exit exams to prove that students are actually learning and getting their money’s worth.”

He added that schools that “persist in explicit, unlawful discrimination under the guise of equity” would face heavy taxes and possibly be fined “up to the entire amount of their endowment.”

“A portion of the seized funds will then be used for restitution for victims of these illegal and unjust policies–policies that hurt our country so badly,” he continued. “Colleges have gotten hundreds of billions of dollars from hardworking taxpayers, and now we are going to get this anti-American insanity out of our institutions once and for all. We are going to have real education in America.”

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Trump’s remarks come amid an outbreak of several high-profile, pro-Hamas rallies at universities across America. On Tuesday, Columbia University announced that classes would shift to online learning for the remainder of the Spring 2024 semester due to bullying and harassment on campus in the wake of protests.

In his post, the former President criticized the decision, saying, “They’re closing Columbia now? I mean, it’s just crazy.”

“Columbia should gain a little strength, a little courage and keep their school open. It’s crazy because that means the other side wins… The people running Columbia have made a grave mistake,”

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