Glass Houses: Florida Democrats CENSOR Negative Responses to Their Attacks on DeSantis

The Florida Democrats’ recently tweeted an attack on Governor Ron DeSantis, but the account hid many non-supportive replies.

The original tweet ripped into DeSantis for getting pictures taken when dressed in campaign clothes while helping in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian.

“Much needed aid blocked from being delivered so that DeSantis could preen and pose for photos in campaign attire. Even in the wake of a devastating loss of lives, historic property damage, and flooding, DeSantis cares more about polishing his public image than helping Floridians.”

An attached tweet also argued that DeSantis paused relief aid in one area for a photo shoot.

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However, The DeSantis War Room Twitter account was quick to point out that Florida Democrats were throwing stones from glass houses, exposing the account for hiding negative responses to their tweet. The attached video shows several comments accusing the account of lying.

Why is @FlaDems hiding so many replies from Floridians? If you just told the truth for once, you wouldn’t have to censor everyone who debunks your lies.”

DeSantis War Room attached a second tweet, showing a similar list of negative responses, ranging from praising DeSantis to calling out the Florida Democrats’ account for lying. All of which were censored.

“Florida Democratic Party spends their time on social media hiding replies and censoring criticism from Florida voters instead of helping get information to our fellow Floridians in need.”

Despite the Florida Democrats’ accusations, DeSantis has been active and effective in helping Florida recover from the crisis, and no amount of censorship will change that.

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