Crist Begs for Campaign Cash From Those Devastated by Hurricane Ian

Charlie Christ, the Democratic challenger to Governor Ron DeSantis, has been asking for campaign donations in the wake of Hurricane Ian, even targeting those affected.

As initially revealed by the Twitter account DeSantis War Room, the link that the Crist campaign has been tweeting out, while not initially a donation request, always leads to one. The video demonstrates that inputting information to the initial information page redirects to a donation site. The Twitter account expressed disdain for the move.

Florida Democrat gubernatorial candidate @CharlieCrist is specifically targeting Floridians who “suffered damage from Hurricane Ian” to ask them for donations to his campaign. Awful. How do you look at people who lost everything and ask them for money?”

What’s worse, Crist’s tweets are oriented explicitly towards those damaged by Hurricane Ian.

If you have paid thousands in premiums under Ron DeSantis, only to have your home insurance coverage not be there for you when you need it most, we want to hear your story.

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Aside from blaming DeSantis for factors largely outside his purview, Crist posts the link directly under this message, inviting the reader to “share your experience here.” But in submitting a story, readers are necessarily redirected to the donation page. A more accurate caption might have been ‘share whatever is left of your savings here.’

Crist’s desperation for cash makes sense, as DeSantis is shattering fundraising records, now up to $177 million, outpacing the democratic challenger  11 to one, according to The Free Press.

Many quickly noticed the ploy, and Crist’s dire need didn’t soften the blowback. Since then, Crist has quietly changed the link destination to his policies page. The DeSantis War Room called out legacy media for not reporting on the deception.

After @CharlieCrist drew harsh criticism for targeting devastated #HurricaneIan survivors to solicit donations for his political campaign, he quietly changed the link so it redirects to a policy page rather than a DONATE page. Has media covered this at all???”

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