Doctors Urged to Call Vaginas ‘Bonus Holes’ to Avoid Offending Trans Community

Women and female rights campaigners have condemned a cervical cancer charity after it suggested the vagina could instead be referred to as ‘the bonus hole’ to avoid upsetting non-binary or trans men.

The UK charity Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust partnered with the LGBT foundation to create this glossary of alternative terms. In this case, the glossary reads “Bonus Hole- An alternative word for the vagina. It is important to check which words someone would prefer to use.”

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The glossary also suggests  “front hole” as an alternate term.

Why is changing language in this way important? According to the site, the terminology change is meant to protect the feelings of some patients, but the organization goes on to call its new term “correct.”

“Using the correct language when referring to someone’s gender identity is a simple and effective way to demonstrate support and recognition. If incorrect language is used without being corrected, it can cause someone to feel hurt or distressed. This may lead them to leave and to eventually seek support elsewhere.”

When asked to elaborate by Fox News Digital, the organization implied that biological women who do not consider themselves women would be too upset by the term vagina to get properly screened, leading to the creation of alternatives.

“The information is from a webpage written for health professionals to support trans men and / or non-binary patients with a cervix to attend cervical screening. The page includes a glossary of terms they may hear from their patients and was developed with expert organizations who work with the LGBT community. Our mission at Jo’s is to prevent as many cervical cancers as possible, and a big part of that is increasing uptake of cervical screening. Women are our main audience for this, however some trans men and / or non-binary people have cervixes and to reduce as many cervical cancers as possible we also provide information for this group.”

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The move has sparked heavy backlash, especially from women. Conservatives for Women founder Caroline Fiske called the recommendation “dehumanizing,” to MailOnline.

“The gender movement seems actively to want to encourage body disassociation and hatred, in other words, to actively create more confused young people alienated from their own physicality and their own sex. What better way than to use this utterly dehumanizing language about our own bodies?”

Fiske also argued that the shift was representative of broader strategies in the transgender movement.

“To my mind it is grooming: create the unease, the disassociation, the alienation, and then when you have done that, you step in with euphoric rhetoric about ‘trans joy.’ Fill the void you have created. Of course those doing this will not be around to pick up the pieces when young bodies are irreversibly damaged and young lives destroyed. Is there a mechanism whereby these charities promoting harm could be struck off?”

Multiple users on Twitter echoed this sentiment, calling it “misogynistic” and pointing out troubling implications.

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