Senate Republicans Maul AG Merrick Garland

Conservative members of the Senate Judiciary Committee grilled Attorney General Merrick Garland on Wednesday, taking him to task on the rise of fentanyl-related deaths, the federal prison policy for transgender inmates, and the Hunter Biden Probe.

Garland Mar-a-Lago raid presser

Garland was put on the hot seat yesterday on various issues concerning his Department of Justice.

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“Senator Linsey Graham asked Garland, “What is our policy when it comes to allowing a male prisoner to be transitioned into a female prison?”

Garland responded by claiming it was handled on a case-by-case basis

“Trans people are dealt with in the Bureau of Prisons, it’s my understanding that these determination about where they’re placed in general has to do with individual determinations regarding the security of that individual and the management of the prison. THese are done on a case by case basis.”

Graham, unsatisfied, asked Garland if he thought biological men in women’s prisons could be cause for concern. Garland repeated himself, claiming that to treat everyone with “dignity and respect,” such decisions had to be made on a case-by-case basis.

Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa took his shot at Garland over the probe into Hunter Biden and any potential corruption that reaches back to the president. Garland affirmed that the investigation was being conducted by the Attorney General of Deleware, not him. He also admitted that if many of the materials the probe is based on are found to mean what they appear to tell, it would be an issue.

“If it’s an agent of a foreign government asking someone and paying someone to do things to support that foreign government in secret, yes, I definitely think that would be a national security problem.”

Senator Marsha Blackburn ripped Garland for having two tiers of justice for conservatives and leftists.

Josh Hawley affirmed Blackburn’s accusation, taking shots at Garland and his DOJ for anti-catholic bias, noting Garland’s blind eye towards gang violence.

“A catholic, pro-life demonstrator, father, was accused of disorderly conduct in front of an abortion center…It was a private suit that got dismissed. And then, after all that, your Justice Department sent between 20 and 30 armed agents in the early morning hours to the house’s private residence to arrest this guy, after he had offered to turn himself in voluntarily.”

Garland responded by claiming the FBI made decisions on the ground and denied Hawley’s description was accurate, despite his photographic evidence.

Sen. Richard Durbin and Senator Graham then tag-teamed Garland on the issue of crime generally. Durbin mentioned mass shootings in his opening statement, most of which stem from gang-related violence.

“More than 6,800 – 6800 – Americans have died from gunfire in the first two months of this year. There have been at least 94 mass shootings; He said that there are more than one every day this year in America,” he said.

Then he laid into Garland while questioning why we don’t have control of our streets.

“I think there’s a feeling of this country that we’re losing control of our streets. That crime is increasing, and the world is [full of] very dangerous people and people don’t feel safe anymore….So 106,000 people died from drug overdoses, 70,000 from fentanyl last year and it’s getting worse. The leading cause of death for Americans age 18 to 40 is fentanyl poisoning. What are we doing?”

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