Loyalists of PBC Republican Party Chair Mike Barnett Strike Back at Wayne Posner

Republican Party Chair Michael Barnett has been under attack for months by factions within the local Palm Beach County Republican Executive Committee, but now that election day is over. Barnett, or his supporters, are striking back.

This email came from an anonymous Gmail address, so there’s no way to know for certain who actually sent it, and it doesn’t matter who sent it.

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The Posner and the Rojas factions began their campaigns for chair by attacking Barnett, and now they’re getting hit back.

Republican Party of Palm Beach County Goes to War With Itself

PBC Republican Party Chair Michael Barnett Announces Run for Another Term

I’m publishing this not because I support Barnett or I’m against Posner. I’m publishing this because I published the Rojas and Posner announcements, which were largely attacks on Barnett. Fair is fair.

There’s another reason, though. Anyone who aspires to leadership has to accept that they will be attacked. That’s how life and politics are, and if you can’t take those attacks, don’t run for anything.

I said in my last post that Posner seemed reasonable on the phone, but I did not check him out. I didn’t check him out because I knew that his opponents would background him and strike back. If the Barnett loyalists didn’t strike back, I would have questioned if they still had what it takes to run the party.

A few things deserve to be pointed out. The Barnett camp did not say a word before the election when both opposing factions attacked him for months. There are plenty of Republicans I don’t like, and plenty of Republicans don’t like me, but when the enemy is in the field, you gear up and fight as a team. We can go back to fighting with each other the day after the election.

At election time, I’d work next to any Republican, whether they’re jerks or not and whether I liked them or not because they want to live in a red county, state, and country just as I do. I did not appreciate the open fighting and attacks on Barnett before the election. Whatever his faults, he was the local party chair leading up to the election, and it was unproductive to start all this at that time.

That said, the election is over, and everyone should take their best shot.

What has he done to help Republicans learn about and vote for other candidates? He has never logged into the REC website to download his list of voters. During the 10 days of early voting while many of us were out working hard to get our candidates elected, Posner played golf for 7 of those days. ~Not Posner

One further note, it’s going to be much tougher to talk smack in Palm Beach County. I’m not the Palm Beach Post. I’m interested in what Republicans say, and so are my readers. Consider your public statements carefully.

May the best leader win.

The “Not Posner” email:

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