Pro-DeSantis PAC Runs ‘Nation on The Brink’ TV Spot Promoting DeSantis for POTUS

Suppose the purpose of Trump announcing his candidacy so early was to prevent any primary challengers from jumping in with him. In that case, it appears not to have worked, as a pro-DeSantis SuperPAC will be airing a TV spot for the Governor in Iowa next week.

DeSantis, having just won his gubernatorial race against challenger Charlie Crist in Florida, has nothing to campaign for and no reason to put out an ad other than a presidential run. The ad was not necessarily condoned by DeSantis himself or his team, but it seems as if this pro-DeSantis  PAC, Ron to the Rescue, is confident enough that he will run to spend the money on making and airing the TV spot in advance.

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The ad portrays a grim picture of America, citing historic inflation, rising violent crime, lockdowns, and soaring gas prices as putting “the nation on the brink.” The ad follows this up with the words, “a strong leader emerged.”

The ad then includes a clip of DeSantis in his gubernatorial victory speech.

“Florida was a refuge of sanity when the world went mad. We stood as a citadel of freedom for people across this nation and, indeed, across the world.”

To be clear, DeSantis has not announced any plans to run for president in 2024, despite what this PAC is predicting. When yesterday asked about the looming ‘GOP Civil War’ that would be sure to start if DeSantis and Trump competed, DeSantis said everyone needed to “chill out.” This was just hours before Trump made his candidacy speech.


We just finished this election, okay, people just need to chill out a little bit on some of this stuff.”


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