Lincoln Project Grifters Strike First Blow After Trump Presidential Announcement

Former President Donald Trump formally announced that he will run for President in 2024 at his Mar-a-Lago estate on Tuesday night.

Trump was accompanied by former First Lady Melania Trump during his announcement.

The announcement was confirmed moments before stepping on stage to deliver his speech as FEC forms were filed that read ‘Donald Trump for President 2024’.

In what was likely a prepared video that was meant to go out as soon as Trump announced his candidacy, the anti-Trump Lincoln Project landed the first blow against the former President in a video that called him ‘Destructive towards the American Republic’ and the “Worst President in American history.”

“Donald Trump wasn’t only the worst President in American history; he’s the most destructive towards the American Republic and its ideals of free and fair democratic elections,” Wilson continued, calling Trump’s term “an affront to decency, democracy, and sanity.” The video said.

The Lincoln Project, which makes most of its money by provoking outrage among anti-Trump liberals, seemed eager for Trump to announce his candidacy as they Tweeted about it multiple times before he took the stage.

In one Tweet, they called him an ‘orange-smeared circus clown’ before accusing Republicans of being anti-American.

The Lincoln Project has spent much of the last two years attempting to sow discord between the Republican Party’s two biggest rockstars; President Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

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Last week, they reposted a video they made that was targeted at Trump.

The video implies that DeSantis is attempting to undermine the former President and that he will run against him in the 2024 Presidential election.

While the Lincoln Project has, in many ways, become the face of the anti-Trump ‘resistance,’ many Democrats are not buying it.

Some expressed frustration that the group is boosting DeSantis, who they see as equally bad, in an attempt to undermine Trump.

One prominent Twitter user said that “Gullible liberals gave the right-wing millions of dollars. Trump derangement syndrome created a lucrative con job.”

While it isn’t necessarily true that the Lincoln Project is a ‘Republican scam’ aimed at getting other Republicans elected, its founders have used millions of dollars raised by mostly small-dollar donors to line their own pockets.

According to a New York Post investigation, the vast majority of the $90 million that the organization raised for the 2020 Presidential election went to consulting firms run by the organization’s senior leadership.

Most of the money donated went not to political advertisements but to staffing and ‘overhead’ costs that did not reach voters.

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