PBC Republican Party Chair Michael Barnett Announces Run for Another Term

As expected, Michael Barnett, the Chair of The Palm Beach County Republican Party since 2013 announced his bid for reelection in a letter to Republican Executive Committee members.

Barnett documented the statewide successes the local Republican Party had on election night, saying,

Because of Governor DeSantis’s bold and heroic governance in the face of national lockdowns and Biden’s economic turmoil, Florida and Palm Beach County responded with the largest margins we have ever seen, giving Governor DeSantis, Ashley Moody, Jimmy Patronis, and Wilton Simpson each over 50% of the Palm Beach County vote! Our Republican Executive Committee rode the Red Wave to victo1y, having established the predicate for success over the past several cycles. ~Michael Barnett

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PBC Republican Party Chair Michael Barnett Announces Run for Another Term
President Trump and Chair Michael Barnett

The party also had a big night locally:

We not only protected every incumbent and flipped the county for Gov. DeSantis, but we also gained two seats on the County Commission and a new Republican member of the State House! ~Michael Barnett

Barnett’s announcement:

While Barnett has to be considered the favorite, he will have a contentious election night, as Jolt reported,

Republican Party of Palm Beach County Goes to War With Itself

The Super Duper Triple Ultra Maga-No Rino with fries and a diet coke group led by Candace Rojas is mounting a challenge.

Rojas Email:

Wayne Posner is another challenger running for chair, and he released a video about his plans and qualifications. I spoke to him on the phone off the record, and he seems like a reasonable person who thinks he can do better than the current leadership.

Posner video:

Steve Byers, a candidate for state senate who lost on election day, sent out a text challenging “Establishment REC Treasurer Jane Pike.” Not sure I’d be overly enamored of a “Rebel Treasurer.” I’m partial to calm, steady, and trustworthy treasurers myself, establishment or not.

Steve Byers text

The link in the text goes to the Meet Steve Byer’s section of his state senate campaign site.

I find it hard to believe that Barnett would lose after the party’s historic wins on election night, but nothing is ever certain, and if you like political brawls, this should be more fun than human beings should be allowed to have.

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