Florida Media Defends ‘Kid Friendly’ Drag Show Where Sex Toys Were Sold

On Saturday, the city of Venice held its annual pride festival in Centennial Park.

The event, billed as family-friendly and promoted on the local government’s website, featured a ‘Kids Korner’ with drag queens and games for younger people.

The festival included a ‘dildo ring toss’ game that became the subject of significant negative attention in Florida and the country after Libs of Tik Tok posted an article exposing the lewd activity.

Republicans in Florida took exception to the festival because of the inappropriate activities for minors and vendors selling sex toys at the ‘family-friendly’ event.

Jack Brill, acting Chair of the Republican Party of Sarasota County, called what happened at the event an “outrageous and unacceptable display.”

“An outrageous and unacceptable display went on Sunday at the Venice Pride Festival that requires a full investigation. A display of rainbow-colored dildos was for sale at a sidewalk booth with children walking by while a pair of drag queens in thongs, tutus, and spike heels danced lasciviously in front of the gazebo in Centennial Park,” Brill said.

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Florida Politics, running cover for the organizers of the event, wrote a biased headline that implied that Republicans were overreacting.

Sarasota Republicans freak out at what’s for sale at Venice Pride” was the article’s headline.

The author claims in the article that people should not be outraged because the same-sex toys are sold at Spencer’s, an adult shop that is known for selling lewd items.

DeSantis communications guru Christina Pushaw took to Twitter to criticize Florida Politics for publishing the article, saying that their biased coverage validates Republican victories in Florida in the midterms.

DeSantis’ Deputy Press Secretary Jeremy Redfern blasted Florida Politics for its selective coverage, pointing out that they did not mention the inappropriate children’s activities that the event offered.

Another user who claims to be a part of the LGBT community spoke out against the pride event, saying that it is “Inappropriate to sell sex toys at an event where children will be. It is super inappropriate to have a ring toss onto a dildo.”

For his part, Brill is not deterred by the pushback and said that he will fight to protect children in Florida.

“Just as we committed unparalleled resources to elect School Board members in August who will protect our children in the schools, so we will fight to protect them at every point in our communities,” He said.

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