Planned Parenthood Hit Over Claim Virginity a ‘Social Construct’ – ‘No, Virginity Hurts Your Business’

Planned Parenthood received significant pushback this week after they Tweeted out a statement that was critical of the concept of virginity.

In a Tweet that Planned Parenthood was eventually forced to close the comments on, they said, “The idea of virginity comes from outdated — let’s be real, patriarchal— ways of thinking that hurts everyone.”

The post was accompanied by a sign saying that virginity is a ‘social construct.’

Writing for the National Review, Kathryn Lopez pointed out that claiming virginity as a social construct harms

People were quick to criticize Planned Parenthood for the tweet.

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One user quipped that virginity is bad for business for the abortion provider that rakes in roughly $1.3 billion a year.

Another user said that the idea that virginity is a ‘social construct’ is a ‘shameful and disgraceful lie’ and that Planned Parenthood’s tweet only reaffirms why the organization should be defunded.

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In Fiscal Year 2022, Planned Parenthood received $670.4 million in government grants and reimbursements.

Another prominent conservative disputed the idea that virginity is a social construct before saying that Planned Parenthood’s confusion is understandable due to its stance on transgender issues.

This is not the first time Planned Parenthood has attacked the concept of virginity.

In 2018, the organization published an article touting that its sex educators do not use the term ‘virginity’ and claimed that the very concept of virginity is harmful to women.


Elaborating on the concept that virginity is a harmful construct, lead sex educator Chrissy Cmorik wrote that “Virginity is a social construction that is meant to keep women in their place.”

Kathryn Lopez, writing for the National Review, pointed out that claiming virginity is a social construct is harmful to women as it erases the crimes of rapists and sex traffickers who prey on minors.

“Planned Parenthood has no interest in what’s best for girls. Its bottom line requires more abortions, not the protection of innocence.” Lopez said.

However, Cmorik has a different view and said that the concept of virginity is used to disparage women and ‘keep them in their place.’

“It isn’t a medical term and in our classes we teach medically accurate information,” said Chrissy Cmorik. “Virginity is a social construction that is meant to keep women in their place. Very rarely does anyone talk about male virginity. It is almost always a term used to describe young women.”

The article went on to say that using the word ‘virginity’ in sex education classes is ‘shameful’ to women and that ‘abstinence’ should be used in its place.

“Instead of focusing on the loaded term of “virginity,” extensive research has found that discussing abstinence and the various forms of birth control during sexual health classes are much more effective at helping teens take control of their reproductive health and make decisions that are right for them. In the long term, that means that excluding shaming words like “virginity” from her curriculum helps Cmorik’s students delay their first sexual experience, avoid unintended pregnancies, and reduce their chances of getting STDs”

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