Republican Party of Palm Beach County Goes to War With Itself

When The Republican Party of Palm Beach County has its best election night ever, one would think Republican Executive Committee Members would be happy, but this is Palm Beach County, and they’re not.

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Republican Party Palm Beach County Chair
Michael Barnett

Being Chair of the local party is a miserable job. No matter what you do, people get mad at you. It’s always been that way, but the local party has always lost until now. Despite incredible efforts in the over thirty years I’ve lived here, the party lost because the demographics were impossible to overcome.

There are always multiple reasons why elections are won and lost.

Gov. DeSantis has been inspirational to many, including me, and that boosted turnout.

There was something else, though, the Republicans outworked the Democrats. In race after race, I was following and knew the details of what was going on; the Republicans knocked on doors every day, stood on street corners, waved signs, and did all the grassroots work candidates and a party are supposed to do, and the Dems didn’t.

Republican Sara Baxter upsetting Democrat Michelle Oyola McGovern for the County Commission District 6 seat could be credited to the DeSantis Red Wave, but that’s not the whole story. Baxter outworked McGovern. I know that to be a fact. It’s as simple as that.

Sara Baxter fights for small business against big money corporate Dems

And whether anyone thinks local Republican chair Michael Barnett had much to do with the historic red wave and the work ethic demonstrated by Republicans in Palm Beach County, Barnett was at the ship’s helm when it happened.

If it’s Barnett’s fault when he loses the county, is not the man entitled to some credit when we win it?

It doesn’t seem that way, and the party is going to war with itself. Again.

Candace Rojas attacked Barnett and declared her candidacy for Chair in an email the other day. Among other issues, Rojas says Barnett and Co.

“They observed a “select few power players,” regurgitating an RPOF guided narrative who dominated and controlled the organization with a lack of emphasis on fixing the 2020 election.” ~Candace Rojas

Not for nothing, folks, but local Republican Executive Committees are subordinate to the Republican Party of Florida. Barnett’s job demands he try and win the next election, not refight the last one. Besides, President Trump won Florida in 2020, so what’s the problem? The REC is a local organization, not a national one. Catch a freaking plane to Maricopa in Arizona if you want to stop election fraud.

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A guy named Wayne R. Posner sent out an email the day before Rojas did with plans for his own Coup d’état.

For some reason, a small group of people think they got President Trump elected on their own, and they represent “We the People.” They didn’t, and they don’t. Their other complaints with Barnett may have some legitimacy, or they might not, but if “ULTRA MAGA ~NOT RINOS!” becomes the message of the local Republican Party, we won’t be having many more election nights like this last one.

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