If You Block the Roads to ‘Protest’ in Florida, You’ll Be Sorry

Pro-Hamas “protestors” tried to block the road in Miami on Monday, and they quickly found out that Florida isn’t New York City or California.

I remember after George Floyd, people were worried and asked me if riots and violence would happen in Palm Beach County. I’d laugh and say,

“Are you kidding? Ric Bradshaw is our Sheriff. He’d have those “mostly peaceful” rioters eating baloney sandwiches in the County Jail so fast their heads would spin. ”

Bradshaw told Florida Jolt.

“Lawlessness will not be tolerated in Palm Beach County, and anyone trying to illegally disrupt traffic would be making a serious mistake, and they will be arrested!”

~Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw

Our State Attorney, Dave Aronberg, will prosecute, too. I spoke to Aronberg today and asked him about prosecuting people who laid down in front of traffic to “protest.”

“We don’t have these protesters blocking traffic or shutting down our airports because we will enforce the law here in Palm Beach County. Other jurisdictions need to start doing the same.”

~Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg

My feelings on the issue are straightforward, as my X timeline shows. Blocking traffic is a form of terrorism and should be treated harshly, and in Florida, it will be.

“Blocking roads is terrorism!”

~Jack Furnari

Florida Police Tear Gas and Arrest Campus Protesters-‘Not a Daycare’


Back in the day, I protested more times than I can count. I always had a bullhorn, and I never broke the law.

PBC State Attorney Candidate Sam Stern Outraises Dem Two to One

It’s not that hard to do if your goal is protest and not thuggery.

PBC State Attorney Candidate Sam Stern Outraises Dem Two to One


Some people aren’t smart enough to leave well enough alone.

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I’m proud to live in a state where our law enforcement and elected officials (most of them) protect our rights and our safety. The two are not mutually exclusive, no matter what the radical Hamas-loving left tells you.

A lot of us consider Palm Beach County and the state of Florida to be a small town where we take care of our own.

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