Florida Medical Board approves new standards to prevent Gender-Transitioning Children

Socialist students from a Florida university staged a protest and “die-in” to protest the Florida medical board’s discussion of preventing children from being gender transitioned.

According to the Surgeon General’s original petition to the board, the new measures would prevent anyone under 18 from hormone therapy, puberty blockers, or gender-changing surgery.

“Given the lack of quality evidence in support of gender transition treatments, the use of such treatments for gender dysphoria should be considered experimental and should require fully informed consent of the risks and limitations,”

Before the event started, the student club  Young Democratic Socialists of America staged a “die-in.” Claiming that the Florida GOP and banning gender transition for children are deadly, the students pantomimed their deaths to show solidarity, holding paper gravestones as they lay on the lawn.

The club also claimed that Surgeon General Joseph Lapado was incorrect when he argued that puberty blockers are ineffective and dangerous. The tweet linked a single Vice article in which doctors were unhappy with how their studies were used to show issues with puberty blockers, as that was not consistent with their intent and conclusions.

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However, a young woman named Sophia Galvin also spoke. Despite wide ridicule of the notion of rapid onset gender dysphoria, Galvin described her experience with the phenomena, detailing the harm done to her as a child allowed to transition.

Ron DeSantis’s press secretary, Christina Pushaw, spoke out in support of the testimony and the board’s new standards, arguing that, despite appearances, they are more empathetic and affirming.

Florida Deputy Press Secretary echoed Pushaw’s sentiments.

After public comment concluded, the board went forward with its restrictions, disallowing those under 18 from engaging in gender transition treatments due to their lack of “cognitive and emotional maturity.”

With the rule in place, those under 18 will no longer be able to receive hormone therapy, puberty blockers, or gender transition surgeries. Doctors who violate these new standards will risk having their medical licenses revoked.

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