Fake Document Appears in Trump Mar-a-Lago Case

A government document mysteriously appeared last week in the federal case regarding the FBI raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home but there were indications that it was fake.

The document purported to be from the US Treasury Department, claiming that the agency had taken possession of some documents related to the Mar-a-Lago raid. The document also included a warrant ordering CNN to preserve “leaked tax records.”

The document appeared on the court’s docket late Monday afternoon and was labeled “MOTION to Intervene by U.S. Department of the Treasury.” It remained on the docket until the following Thursday before being caught as a fake. An AP review of dozens of court records and multiple interviews “suggest the document originated with a serial forger behind bars at a federal prison complex in North Carolina.”

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The incident, and the length of time it took to recognize it, implies that the court clerk was tricked into believing it was real. This calls the vulnerability of the U.S. court systems overall and the integrity of the Mar-a-Lago case in particular, which hinges almost entirely on documents.

The revelation already has some on Twitter accusing Trump of orchestrating the creation of fake evidence to be used against him.

Others speculate alternative origins of the document.


Either way, this incident has thrown the accuracy of the court, and its eventual decision, into question.

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