Trump Ready for Slugfest Over Raid-Hires Former Florida Solicitor General

Pres. Trump has hired Chris Kise, Florida’s former solicitor general, and legal street fighter extraordinaire, to handle the Mar-a-Lago investigation and battle the  Department of Justice and the FBI on his behalf.

Kise began negotiations with Trump shortly after the raid, and his hiring came at a critical point for the former president. His legal team has been facing recent criticisms for its handling of the matter, including an inability to address basic administrative tasks and timeliness.

So far, Trump’s legal team has argued that he can declassify documents and that, as a former president, he is not bound by the same laws as a lay person. This argument is based on the idea that presidents have extensive and unregulated power to declassify documents, raising serious legal questions. The team also argued that some of the documents in question are protected under attorney-client privilege. Trump has framed the manner as a bookkeeping issue with the National Archives.

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Other attorneys have turned down the case out of a desire to avoid a client as politically volatile as Trump. Kise’s former firm, Foley & Lardner, shared that desire, so Kise is leaving the firm to represent him. Kise has historically represented clients as sensitive as the Venezuelan government while working for Foley & Lardner, but this is where the firm drew the line. The firm removed Kise from its attorney’s list, and now he lists his bio on his website.

Kise is an experienced attorney who has won four cases in front of the US Supreme court and holds a reputation as “a political knife fighter,” according to NBC.

Florida Senator George LeMieux called Kise a “360-degree attorney” due to his experience with all areas of law.

“Chris is a 360-degree lawyer: appellate, civil, criminal, state and federal — he can do it all,”

Brian Ballard, a top lobbyist, and fundraiser for Trump and DeSantis, lauded Kise’s skill.

“Chris is not only my friend, he is one of the finest lawyers I have ever met. His unique experience is perfectly suited to assist [former] President Trump.”

However, Trump will have to pay Kise out of pocket. The RNC has declined to pay legal fees, a break from their historic economic support of him in his legal proceedings. If Trump runs in 2024, the RNC will stop helping pay for all of Trump’s ongoing legal disputes. On this issue, Trump is fending for himself financially.

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