Palm Beach County Dems Rush to Defend Open Border GOP Leaders

Last week, a group of Democrat leaders and two local GOP leaders in Palm Beach County tried to stop Governor DeSantis from signing a Florida First anti-illegal immigration bill. Democrats are saying the GOP leaders did the right thing and to stop picking on them for their opposition to DeSantis. 

Lydia Maldonado is running for chair of the Palm Beach County Republican Party (REC). She helped organize a meeting to stop Governor DeSantis from signing an anti-illegal immigration bill. Republican County Commissioner Mike Barnett was there as well. Democrat groups on Facebook are coming to their defense.

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A candidate for Chair of the Palm Beach County Republicans, Pastor Lydia Maldonado,  screamed, “I support the Governor, and I’m against illegal immigration, but I don’t want to be involved with what’s going on with the governor,” even though she was an organizer for the meeting in opposition to the bill. On top of that, former Palm Beach County Republican Party Chairman and current Governor DeSantis County Commissioner appointee Michael Barnett said, “This wasn’t a Democrat event. There was an equal number of Republicans and Democrats.” When asked if these meetings were meant to stop the governor from signing the bill into law, Barnett said, “Yes.” 

The Democrat Hispanic Caucus of Palm Beach County Posted a Jolt article with a caption saying that the report was shameful and flat-out saying that it was “beautiful” to see the two GOP leaders supporting their cause to stop DeSantis from signing a bill into law to stop illegal immigration in Florida.

As the week went on, more information and photos emerged. First, Maldonado sent mixed messages by text discussing the Democrat Hispanic caucus rally/press event on the news. It seemed as though she was against the governor. When pressed, she said she is against illegal immigration and supports the governor. Some Palm Beach County Hispanic Leaders Oppose Florida Immigration Bill

Press conference May 8th with Hispanic leaders speaking against the new immigration bill.

After the article came out, it was discovered that Maldonado was one of the organizers of a meeting with Hispanic leaders and groups to hatch a plan to try and stop Governor DeSantis from signing the bill. After the discovery and a follow-up story: GOP Hispanic Leader Organized Meet with Dems to Oppose DeSantis on Illegal Migrants, Maldonado repeatedly said she supported the new legislation and the governor, though her actions contradict that position. Maldonado has proudly published articles from La Guia News, an organization adamantly opposed to new anti-illegal migrant laws. Mirtha Luaces, a writer for La Guia News, even commented on Jolt supporting Maldonado.

Hispanic Republican leader Lydia Maldonado is running for chair of the Palm Beach County Republican Party (REC). She proudly posted an anti-DeSantis article from La Guia News. Mirtha Luaces, a Maldonado supporter, writes for La Guia News.

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Barnett was at the planning meeting as well. Since then, it has come out that Barnett was at the Democrat Hispanic caucus rally/press event that occurred a few days later, as evidenced by photos Democrat groups posted on Facebook. 

Facebook Post titled: Democratic Hispanic Caucus Rally and Press Conference Against SB 1718 May 8, 2023. Republican County Commissioner Michael Barnett is seen here in the first picture.

You’re not alone if you’re struggling with this messy story. Getting the complete details out of these GOP leaders is like trying to squeeze blood out of a stone. Still, newscasts, Democrat Facebook posts, and info from a prominent, nonpartisan Hispanic organization tell the complete story. Maldonado can scream “fake news” all she wants. Photos, press releases, and a statement from the Chair of The Hispanic Vote telling Florida Jolt about Maldonado’s inviting them to the organization meeting show the truth of what’s happening here. Republican GOP leaders partnered up with Dems to try and stop the governor from signing a bill into law that is against illegal immigration and pro-legal immigration and helps all Floridians. 

Press Conference as seen on the news with the Democratic Hispanic Caucus opposing Governor DeSantis. County Commissioner Michael Barnett is at the top in the back on the left.

SB 1718 is an anti-illegal immigration bill passed in the Florida legislature along party lines. Illegal immigration is not a race issue. It is not a party issue. It is a safety issue. Human trafficking and drug issues are on the rise because of illegal immigration. Affordable housing is a huge problem in Florida. We can’t accommodate legal Florida residents now. Many people are moving to the Free State of Florida daily from all over the country. We are trying to make it work for people who live here legally. Illegal immigrants are here illegally. We don’t have the resources. With the end of Title 42, millions of people will enter the country. One place where this will not be a problem is Florida because Ron DeSantis signed SB 1718 into law on May 10. The organization meeting, the peaceful protest/press conference/rally, and the petitions didn’t stop this from happening. 

Mid-County Democratic Club has also posted a JOLT article.

Most people recognize that illegal immigration is a problem, but left-wing progressive Democrats in opposition see it as inhumane to do something about it. They believe this law will harm the economy by not allowing people to work due to e-verify requirements employers will now use if their business has more than twenty-five employees. They feel that people will be afraid to go to the hospital because their immigration status will be checked. IDs for illegal immigrants from other states will not be recognized in Florida, and if you’re not a citizen, you will not be able to practice law. The opposition says cruel; people in support say this is Florida First. Illegal immigration is a no in Florida. Legal immigrants are welcome and applauded. 

Commissioner Michael Barnett was open about his thoughts on the new bill. He went to these meetings because he felt that his constituents were unhappy with the bill, and he thought that attempting to stop it from happening was the right thing to do. He didn’t deny anything. Although I’m afraid I have to disagree with him, I applaud anyone who stands up for what they believe in. It should also be noted that Barnett has resigned from his Republican Palm Beach County Chair (REC) position and is entitled to take any position he chooses. 

Commissioner Michael Barnett represents a largely Democrat Hispanic district. His constituents are opposed to the new law. He represents them and was honest, standing in support of them. He is no longer chairman of the REC and is entitled to represent his constituency in any way he sees fit.

Maldonado, on the other hand, appears to be playing both sides. She is saying one thing and denying involvement in something she was most definitely a part of while trying to run for a seat to represent the local Republican Party, and that’s what the problem is.

Florida Jolt exists to tell you the real news. We are with the people. We are for the people. The information stands for itself.

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