[VIDEO] Violent Brawl Shuts Down Minneapolis Democrat Convention

On Saturday, a shocking brawl broke out between members of the Minneapolis Democratic Farmer Labor (DFL) Party as they attempted to hold a nominating convention for their candidates for city council.

The DFL is a Minnesota affiliate of the American national Democratic Party after the two parties chose to merge in the 1940s. The party holds all statewide elected offices and four of Minnesota’s eight House seats.

The altercation began after supporters of city council candidate and current councilwoman Aisha Chugtai took the stage, which caused supporters of her challenger, Nasri Warsame, to confront them.


‘This is embarrassing,’ shouted convention chair Sam Doten as the ugly scenes escalated. ‘We are shutting this down – this is no longer safe.’

The viral scrum, which occurred in Minneapolis’ 10th Ward, left one member of the Warsame campaign hospitalized after cops were called and the convention was shut down.

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Warsame said his campaign manager was ‘assaulted by one of the other campaign staff members, and he’s now being transported to hospital by an ambulance.’

‘The convention was shut down due to turmoil, and all the people were instructed to exit the building,’ Warsame continued.

No endorsement was issued after the convention ended prematurely due to the outbreak of violence.

‘No endorsement at this point, but more questions to ask regarding the process.’ Warsame concluded.

DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin described the incident as ‘extremely disheartening.’

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‘I would like to extend an apology to the delegates, volunteers, and campaign teams who attended today’s convention… This should never have happened.’

After reviewing the evidence, Chair Martin tweeted that supporters of Warsame started the violence.

Chughtai also placed the blame squarely on Warsame and his supporters, saying that they started the altercation and that Warsame did not attempt to stop people from being ‘physically assaulted.’

‘Eventually, our supporters locked themselves in our hospitality room so they would be safe and away from a rapidly escalating and dangerous situation,’ she said.

She said that her supporters had to be locked in a hospitality room to prevent Warsame’s supporters from continuing to accost them.

‘The Warsame campaign followed us off the floor and was only held back by a group of brave volunteers who blocked a hallway while our supporters could escape from the locked hospitality room out a back door of the building to safety.’

Minneapolis DFL Chair Briana Rose condemned the violence on Twitter and joined in on condemnations of Warsame and his campaign through a series of retweets.

‘The behavior displayed today was despicable and unacceptable,’ Lee wrote. ‘I don’t know the next steps yet. But there will be repercussions.’

Speaking to the Star Tribune, Wedge Live blogger John Edwards, who shared the footage of the viral brawl, said he was unsure how the violence began.

‘I don’t know what triggered it,’ he said. ‘People just kind of spontaneously came forward to the stage.’

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