New York Attorney General Hosts ‘Drag Story Hour’ for Children

New York Attorney General Letitia James is hosting New York’s first Drag Story Hour Read-a-Thon, which kicked off on Sunday.

James announced and celebrated the occasion on Twitter, posting multiple photos of herself alongside other New York officials and  Drag Queens on stage in front of young children and their parents.

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“…Raise your hand if you’re excited for Drag Story Hour!”


“…It’s time for Drag Story Hour! We’re at @LGBTCenterNYCwith some amazing Drag Story Hour NYC storytellers, New York families, elected officials, and community leaders to kick off our Drag Story Hour read-a-thon!”

“…Drag Story Hour is a fun opportunity to get our kids excited about reading! Thank you to all the families who came out today for our incredible read-a-thon.”

In a statement by James, according to Fox News, the drag event is intended as a direct response to what James calls “anti-LGBT policies,” like many of the bills protecting parental rights laws and children’s innocence that have been recently passed in Florida. One of these measures includes revoking a venue’s liquor license for exposing children to a sexually explicit drag show. James characterized such bills as “hate” and the drag story hour’s as “joy.”

“The recent rise in anti-LGBTQ+ protests, rhetoric, and policies has left New Yorkers — myself included — devastated and disappointed. But I know better than anyone that when the choice is between love and hate, between joy and venom, New Yorkers will always choose love, and New Yorkers will always choose joy. I am proud to have been joined by my colleagues in advocacy and government today in celebration of the love, joy, and family fun that Drag Story Hour brings to our communities. Hate has no home in New York, and I will always fight to ensure our LGBTQ+ siblings’ rights are upheld and defended.”

The press release went on to affirm this idea, reading that the hour is meant  “to condemn hate and combat rampant disinformation” after a “rise in homophobic protests and fearmongering surrounding Drag Story Hour, and disgraceful harassment and vitriol directed at the LGBTQ+ community, advocates, and leaders.”

In Instagram advertisements, James marketed the event to children by inviting whole families, not just adults.

New York Mayor Eric Adams praised the Drag aspect of Drag Story Hour as well, expanding on why it’s so important to him to show it to children.

“Drag storytellers, and the organizations that support them, are advancing a love of diversity, personal expression, and literacy that are core to what our city embraces. Stories don’t just teach children to love reading, but help them understand people who are different. And at a time when our LGBTQ+ communities are under increased attack across this country, we must use stories to educate. The goal is not only for our children to be academically smart, but also emotionally intelligent. I thank Attorney General James for hosting this event that clearly says New York City is the place where you can be yourself and love who you want.”

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Parents and other observers on Twitter, however, were not convinced.

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