Miami Trio Goes On 4 Day Crime Wave

A Miami trio of upstanding citizens went on a four day crime wave of robbery, and abductions centered in Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood that was ultimately solved by a video of them stealing beer and toilet paper.

Jesus Carbonell, 51, Jennifer Montenegro, 33, and Zdenek Jelen, 49, are all in jail after Miami police tracked them down after a four day crime wave.

According to the arrest report, the first incident occurred on Oct. 26, when Carbonell and Montenegro drove up to a man who had a flat tire near Southwest 27th Avenue and 26th Street and asked him if he needed a ride.

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The victim told Miami police he felt comfortable getting in the Tahoe because Montenegro, sitting in the passenger’s seat, was an old acquaintance he knew as “Ta-Ta,” the report states. Police said the soon to be victim agreed to pay $30 for the ride.

As they were driving, an argument between the victim and Montenegro started and she scratched the victims neck. Carbonell then sped past the victim’s home, police said.

“Stop right here! You passed my house!” the victim yelled at Carbonell. But police said he kept on driving.

The report states that the victim rolled down the window and tried jumping out of the speeding car to escape. As the victim was hanging halfway out the window, Montenegro grabbed his cell phone out of his pocket.

The victim jumped out as the SUV slowed down for a turn, police said. Carbonell stopped and ran up to victim demanding money in exchange for the return of his phone. The victim gave Carbonell $40, they said. Officers stated that after Carbonell sped off, the victim noticed his gold neck chain was gone.

The second incident occurred on Oct. 29th, when the victim, who walking home from a party in Little Havana, was confronted by Carbonell and Jelen, who drove up to him near 225 SW 18th Ave.

The report states that Jelen got out of the Tahoe, pointed a pistol at the victim, and ordered him into the passenger’s seat, threatening to shoot him if he didn’t. As Carbonell drove, Jelen took the victim’s wallet and cellphone from his pockets, and then demanded the victim’s bank card PIN. 

When the victim refused to give Jelen the PIN, he pistol-whipped the victim and told him he “would have to kill him” if he didn’t give it up. The victim then compiled and then Carbonell & Jelen drove him around for about an hour and a half while they used his debit cards in multiple locations in the city.

The 3rd incident occurred on Oct. 30, when police said a man walking down Flagler Street was cut off by Carbonell, who exited the Tahoe and yelled “Stop, police, you are under arrest!”

Carbonell grabbed the victim and forced him into the back seat, the report states. Carbonell and an unknown woman began rifling through the man’s pockets, stealing $60, his debit card, and cell phone. The victim was driven around while the two used his credit cards.

Police got a break when they said video of a theft that occurred on Oct. 28 led them to crack the case.

In this incident, Carbonell, alongside Manuel Ceballos, 32, stole a pack of toilet paper and eight cases of beer from the Navarro Supermarket on Northwest 7th Street. Video taken of the theft shows the men loading the stolen items into the Tahoe. It also gave them a clear look at the vehicle’s license plate.

When Police located Carbonell and the vehicle, he confessed and ratted out Jelen, who is known by the nickname of “Gringo.”

Carbonell was charged with kidnapping, armed robbery and impersonating a police officer. Jelen was charged with kidnapping and armed robbery, and Montenegro was charged with strong-arm robbery.

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