Lois Frankel’s thuggery gone wild, threatens business owner over GOP poster

Democrat Congresswoman Lois Frankel was recently caught on video harassing and threatening a small business owner in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Frankel erupted in anger because the business was displaying a flyer in support of Republican Deborah Adeimy, who’s seeking her party’s nomination to oppose Frankel in the general election.

Richard Kline, the owner of the local diner in Florida, said that he had happily served Frankel for many years as a customer, despite completely disagreeing with her politics. Kline believes that Frankel was notified about the picture by a customer who had questioned Kline’s son about the poster.

The campaign poster included a line that read: “Retire Lois Frankel.”

Human Events recounted the initial interview with Kline on July 19th.

“Not 10 minutes later did Lois come crashing through the door,” Kline said. “She didn’t come to eat. Because she comes with her elderly mother when she comes to eat. It’s a whole different mindset.”

“She came in looking around with her dark sunglasses. She was looking for that picture.”

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Kline said he could hear Frankel yelling from the back of the restaurant and came out after she asked to speak with the manager.

The remainder of the altercation was caught on video by Kline’s son.

“I’m gonna make sure that every one of my [inaudible] knows exactly what you’ve been doing here,” Frankel tells Kline.

“I’m not allowed to vote for who I want?” Kline asks her. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you

As Frankel continues to shout that she will never patronize the restaurant again, Kline suggests that her response is unreasonable.

Kline provided Human Events with a photograph of the poster in question and a new sidewalk stand he put into place after the heated exchange.


“Why is a sitting congresswoman having a meltdown in my restaurant over a woman who has not even won a primary,” Kline said.

Adeimy spoke up regarding the situation and referred to Frankel’s behavior as “appalling” and “inexcusable.”

“I want to wish the Kline family all the best and thank them for their continued support. No American should be verbally attacked by their own Congressperson, have their workday interrupted to defend themselves for their American right. It is time for Frankel to retire, she does not represent this district well. I will be a Representative that treats everyone with dignity and respect. I have heard too many stories like this from my hometown voters about Lois Frankel.”

Learn more about Adeimy here: Deborah Adeimy For Congress

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