Florida House Republicans launch serious ad buy in House District 91

When the Florida House Republican Campaign Committee gets involved in a primary, they usually have a good reason, and in the FL House District 91 primary, they have a great one.

Florida House RepublicansPeggy Gosset-Seidman is a Highland Beach City Commissioner, Republican, and candidate for State House, District 91, who entered the race early and has been working hard. She’s consolidated support and has the money and the experience.

Seidman is a true patriot who has worked hard for the people of HD 91.

A woman from Boca Raton, Christina Ducasse, with nothing whatsoever to recommend her for public office, filed to run against Seidman.

Ducasse doesn’t have a single qualification for office or a resume listed on her website, just a bunch of bumper sticker slogans that most Republicans support.

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She was also part of a mailer paid for by some rich old guy, and they’ve both had multiple complaints filed against them with the Florida Division of Elections.

You can read my account of the mailer fiasco at GOP Primary candidate Christina Ducasse sends questionable mailers

The funny thing about RINOs (Republican In Name Only) masquerading as conservatives who enter races without caring if they hurt their political party is that they usually accomplish the opposite.

Real Republicans step up and pour money into the legitimate Republican candidate.

My sources tell me you’ll see this TV spot supporting Seidman a lot in the coming days, thanks to the patriots at the Florida House Republican Campaign Committee.

That’s a good TV spot, and Seidman has earned the support.

Editors note: The original post said Ducasse filed at the last minute. That was incorrect. We apologize for the error.

Full Disclosure: I have endorsed and donated to the Peggy Gosset Seidman Campaign.

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