There’s no Justice in Jane’s maniacal campaign against Rep. Mike Caruso

Florida Rep. Mike Caruso, R-Delray Beach, is running for re-election in Palm Beach County, and a Republican Executive Committee (REC) member is running against him in the primary.

Jane Justice is a realtor who didn’t make much money in the real estate business last year and wasn’t endorsed or even interviewed by the Florida Realtors PAC.

The Florida Realtors Pac and the Police Benevolent Association endorsed Caruso, and according to Justice, it is because they’re both parts of a deep-state conspiracy.

Justice responded to a question on Facebook asking why she calls Caruso a RINO when the Realtors and the PBA endorsed him with the following:

Vote Jane Justice

Justice may respect the police, but the police appreciated Caruso more than her and endorsed him.

We’ve all said something stupid in the heat of the moment we wish we could take back. I called Justice and asked if she meant what she said about the Deep State.

She stood behind the comment and expanded on it, telling me, “They didn’t interview me, I called and called, and I wrote a letter, and they didn’t interview me.”

I want to pause here and disclose that I have endorsed Caruso and donated to his campaign. I did that months ago, and I told Justice that.

I asked legitimate questions in a friendly, respectful tone and assured her I would publish the response she gave me, whatever it was.

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I had prepared a list of questions but only got to ask four. I asked about her real estate business, cleaning business, and if she stood behind her Deep State comment. I also asked about her claim that Caruso “Bullied town over his lawn signs, using his lawyer” on a mailer, in which she inaccurately cited this site as a source.

The last question blew the top of her head off, not that we were having much of a conversation before that point. Caruso defended the rights of “We The People” to place political signs on our private property; Justice misrepresented that and did not react well to my question.

Justice was yelling at me like a loon when I got to the third question.

To misrepresent the entire issue the way Justice did and attack a conservative for defending the constitution is outrageous.

Florida town tries to enforce unconstitutional ordinance, Rep. Caruso fights back

Caruso fights for constitution against Florida town and wins

All my questions were answered with yelling and name-calling in an unhinged stream-of-consciousness rant.

I’ll get back to Justice in a minute.

Caruso is a forensic accountant who worked his way through college, worked at major accounting firms, and opened a successful practice of his own. He has seven children and has accomplished much in his time as a state legislator.

Here’s a short bio:

These are a few of Caruso’s endorsements. Are they all part of the Deep State conspiracy Justice believes is out to get her?

I burst out laughing when Justice accused me of working for the Palm Beach Post.


What soon made me sad was that she believes this nutty conspiracy stuff.

There is a lot of truth to the Deep State trying to wreck President Trump’s presidency and re-election, but I don’t think anyone is having secret deep-state meetings about Justice.

I’m going to stop here even though there’s a lot more I could write about Justice.

Mike Caruso is a solid conservative and a good man. Justice is not fit to hold office.

A vote for Justice is a vote to give the seat to the Democrats, and that’s not MAGA, conservative, or Republican.

It’s RINO.

Update: 8/1/22 10:39 am

Someone sent me this video a few minutes ago. I stopped short of what I could have written about Justice because I felt I made my point and didn’t want to be cruel.

I’m posting the video because Justice “spoke” to me on our phone call as bad as this, if not worse.

Justice is too flawed a messenger to represent Republicans of any kind.

Full Disclosure: I’ve endorsed Mike Caruso and donated to his campaign.

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