Crybaby Palm Beach Post whines because Republicans won’t talk to them

Tucked under an endorsement of District 22 Republican primary candidate Deborah Adeimy, the Palm Beach Post whined and cried like babies because Republican candidates are refusing to interview with them.

We would like to give our readers some idea how Steve Byers, William Wheelen, Jane Justice, Christina DuCasse and Peggy Gossett-Seidman would fare if elected to office but we can’t.

The same, unfortunately, can be said about state Rep. Michael Caruso, an incumbent seeking re-election.

Throw in Republican no-shows Peter Steven Arianas, Rod Dorilas and Carrie Lawlor in U.S. House 22 primary and Darlene Swaffer and Myles Perrone in the U.S. House 23 primary and you have a troubling trend…

Whatever the reason or rationale, it’s a mutual loss to both the candidate and the public.

Three cheers for the Republicans who refused to talk to them, and I congratulate Adeimy on her endorsement. But I would caution that being endorsed by the Post in a Republican primary is like driving through Ukraine with the letter Z painted all over your car.

It may cost you more votes than it gets you, and you can take this to the bank; they will cut you to ribbons in the general election.

I wish all the Republican primary candidates the best, but everyone knows the Post will endorse Lois Frankel in the general. 

The good thing is, no one cares who the Post endorses anymore. They’re irrelevant.

According to the latest polls, more people probably trust Jussie Smollett than legacy media, and the Post is one of the most rotten of apples in a pile of rotten apples.

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The Post doesn’t think voters should tolerate anyone who doesn’t meet with them, but I say voters shouldn’t tolerate any Republican who talks to the Post. Sorry Adeimy, nothing personal.

The most likely result of a Republican candidate talking to the Post is your opponent in the general election will have one of these on their mailers:

There’s this Internet thing that’s slowly bleeding the Post dry, and the Post should stop pretending their endorsements are about anything other than ideology and whatever tiny bit of power they have left.

The other issue that’s destroying the Palm Beach Post is they don’t serve all the people of Palm Beach County. They’re the newsletter for the Democratic Party, and that’s alright if they were honest about it, but like most of the legacy media, they lie about who they are.

The Post wants you to believe that they’re concerned voters won’t get the information needed to make a decision. Why don’t they do like Florida Jolt does and post every candidate’s website in a single post and let the voters make up their minds?

Steel cage match for FL CD-22 and CD-23 set

And there it is. It’s not about the public or information. It’s about a legacy progressive media outlet desperate to tell you only what they want you to know.

I don’t remember the Post picking up the New York Post’s story about Hunter Biden’s laptop before the 2020 election, do you? Yeah, I thought so.

If you’re a fan of President Trump, Governor DeSantis, pro-life, pro-parental rights, salute the flag, and tear up during our national anthem, etc., don’t kid yourself- most of the people at the Post despise you.

Stop feeding the beast. Don’t talk to them.

Editor’s note: An earlier version of this post had Deborah Adeimy running in CD-20 when it should have been CD-22. We regret reproducing the Palm Beach Post’s error. 

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