Rep Randy Fine allegedly assaulted by accused sex offender Councilman Kenny Johnson

Last night Florida House Rep Randy Fine posted a police report on his Facebook page describing his alleged assault by accused sexual offender and Palm Bay City Councilmen Kenny Johnson during the Dancing for the Space Coast Fundraiser.

Update: Florida Today just reported: No charges for Palm Bay Deputy Mayor Johnson

Randy Fine

Melbourne Police Department officer Eric Gould recounted the scene, describing Johnson’s alleged assault on Fine on June 4th, 2022 in the location of the Dancing for the Space Coast Fundraiser event. According to the report, Johnson walked into a crowd of three men, including Fine, and hovered around him, leaving the two others to quickly exit.

The video shows Fine and Johnson face-to-face engaging in a conversation. At 6:23 p.m., Fine walks away from the scene Johnson re-engages him, at 6:26 p.m. when Mrs. Gibson walks up to the gentlemen and breaks up the conversation.

On June 10th, 2022, Officer Gould contacted Palm Bay City Hall, leaving his contact information, identity, and purpose of the phone call prior to reaching out to Johnson, since he wanted a statement from him. The Melbourne Police officer is yet to hear back from Johnson.

On June 8th, 2022, Officer Gould of the Melbourne Police Department conducted a sworn audio-recorded interview with Fine. He contended that Johnson approached him in a manner that would be considered unprofessional and invasive to his personal space by angrily interrupting his conversation. Johnson referred to Fine with what were described as vague threats by the Florida representative.

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Fine accused Johnson of telling him “You better stop or else. You’ll be sorry,”  when speaking to him. Fine responded to Johnson’s statement by telling him “Get away from me you thug.” Fine advised that the conversation continued until a guest identified as Melinda Gibson of Satellite Beach City Council broke the two up and stated “Gentlemen the sheriff asked us to take our seats, dinner is about to be served.”

When asked to comment, Fine told Florida Jolt that:

Kenny Johnson raped a seventeen-year-old girl when he was teaching at her school. What else can you expect from a thug like that?


Fine admitted that there has been history between the two, stating that this was not the first time the two have engaged in a heated conversation. Fine believes Johnson may have decided to target him at the event because he had revealed Johnson’s criminal history, including his 2015 case of alleged sexual misconduct with a child when he was a teacher. Fine expressed his fear that if Johnson would target him in public in that kind of manner, he may target him and his family.

The Melbourne Police Department and State Attorney have reportedly concluded the Kenny Johnson investigation, as they are set to release video footage of the assault showing the alleged threatening behavior. Despite the decision from the State Attorney not to prosecute Johnson, Fine is adamant about sharing the documentation once received.

Update: Florida Today just reported: No charges for Palm Bay Deputy Mayor Johnson after tense encounter with Randy Fine

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