Hillary Clinton Issues Florida Travel Warning, Gets Shredded on Twitter, Locks Comments

2016 presidential candidate and Benghazi-fumbler Hillary Clinton attempted to issue a warning to people considering a trip to Florida, saying that “Ron DeSantis’s ultra-MAGA Florida isn’t safe for people of color, LGBTQ+ people, or even multi-billion dollar corporations.”

Like other organizations attempting overtly political “travel advisories,” the Twitter masses destroyed Clinton to the point that the Obama secretary of state turned off replies to her tweet.

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“More top-notch Steele-dossier-style (dis)info from Hillary. FL is #2 in pop growth (+706,597) since 2020. In percentage terms, it’s #3 (+3.3%). [Hillary’s] home, NY, is #50. It shrank by 524,079 people since 2020 (-2.6%), the worst in the nation.” ~@Michael7ucci on Twitter

One Twitter user mocked Clinton’s defense of Disney and an unsubstantiated claim that Florida has a hostile business environment.

Another pointed out how the Benghazi disaster – an incident in which Clinton refused to evacuate Americans from an embassy, leaving four dead – indicated her inability to protect Americans.

“This may be one of the silliest PR campaigns of all-time. The most dangerous places for Black people in the United States? Democrat-run cities. Thank you, drive home safely, don’t forget to tip your waiter.” ~@kylenabecker on Twitter

Another user noted that DeSantis’s retaliation against leftist indoctrination – which they have misleadingly called “don’t say gay” laws – creating such controversy indicates the power that the trans lobby has over both Clinton and the Democratic Party.

“In this idiotic tweet, Hillary has actually admitted to something important, which is that far from being marginalized victims, the trans/queer lobby is an immensely powerful group that has the backing of mega-corporations, academia, Big Tech and Hollywood.” ~@amber_athey on Twitter

Another alluded to her husband’s infamous sexual escapades while in office.

Conservative activist Nicholas Giordano slammed Clinton’s race-baiting Tweet by highlighting the excellent business space the Florida Governor has created for non-woke corporations owned by men, women, whites, blacks, and more.

Others pointed out the frequent hypocrisy of Hillary’s words and former President Bill’s actions. The disgraced former president was notorious for his sexual deviancy and what the left calls “racist policing” from his now-despised 1994 crime crackdown bill.

“Her husband was slammed by the NAACP for being a member of an all-white golf club and frequently playing at other all-white golf clubs until the NYT busted him.” ~@DLoesch on Twitter

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The remarks from Clinton come as news of an official DeSantis 2024 announcement rippled across all corners of the internet.

The announcement invited a pile-on of historic proportions from fellow leftists – who were shocked that Clinton implied multibillion-dollar companies were a “protected class.”

“Ah yes, the three [people of color, LGBT, multi-billion dollar corporations] oppressed minority groups.” ~@caitoz on Twitter

Despite the horrendously unpopular message, Clinton has stood firm – opting to reinforce her position and silence dissent rather than retract the false and partisan statement. The attacks on Governor DeSantis are likely only to ramp up as he makes his announcement later tonight on Twitter.

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