GAG Leader Addresses Florida State Legislature, Condemns Push to Transition Children

David Leatherwood, leader of the Florida chapter of the Gays against Groomer’s organization, addressed the Florida State legislature on Tuesday to condemn the mass medicalization of minors pushed by “radical trans terrorists.”

Leatherwood did not mince words, opening his remarks by drawing a sharp distinction between the “modern trans movement” and LGBT individuals more broadly.

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“The modern trans movement is using the LGBT community as a shield to push their radical agenda of mutilation, sterilization, and indoctrination of minors. And as a gay man who represents the organization Gays against Groomers, I’m here to make it loud and clear; the LGBT community is sick of being used as a scapegoat for these destructive practices that are ruining kids lives before they even ever had a fighting chance.”

Leatherwood rephrased this idea, asserting the LGBT community is being used as a “trojan horse” for “extremists in a death cult.” Leatherwood did not use this terminology lightly, referencing the transitioning of children as “…creating irreversible damage and lifelong medical patients.”


“Make no mistake, the radical trans movement has become a death cult. Their most recent mantra is ‘Death before Detransition.’ They’re possessed by a sick obsession with bodily mutilation, self-harm, identity destruction, and pure hatred for anyone who dares to question this dangerous ideology.”

Leathwood expressed that while he supports the freedom of all individuals to make “..their own decisions about their own lives,” we “draw the line at children. “

“Yet, that is exactly the demographic these terrorists are targeting with their culture war.” he continued.

“It’s your kids. They say if you don’t bend the knee and submit to their ‘gender-affirming care,’ which is the nice way of saying mutilation and sterilization, you are a bigot or a transphobe. And now LGBT acceptance in America is down for the first time in years. It’s because people know something is wrong, and they’re not on board with what’s happening. It only takes a caring parent with a little bit of common sense and gut instincts to know that permanently mutilating their child body is much worse than being labeled ‘anti-LGBT'”

Leatherwood once again stressed, however, that opposing transition for children is not anti-LGBT. “It is not bigoted to want to protect children from elective, experimental medicalization. It is common sense, it is compassionate, and it is scientific.”

The Florida chapter leader blamed leftist groups funded by “Big pharma,” claiming to represent the LGBT community, for giving the impression that LGBT people back the modern trans movement. According to Leatherwood, that’s not true.


“These organizations are sponsored by corporations like Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, United Health group, and other medical corporations who have a vested interest in turning your kids into lifelong medical patients. Because they don’t see an innocent child with a bright future. They see dollar signs.”

Leatherwood finished by insisting that this is a “non-partisan issue” and pleading to “protect our kids.”

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According to Leatherwood, the Doctor who was set to represent the other position didn’t even show up.

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