Florida Men Arrested After ‘Simple’ Traffic Stop. Cops Haul in Drugs

Two Florida men ended up in the Hernando County jail as a result of a ‘Simple’ traffic stop. Hernando County deputies Donato & Killingsworth were conducting Pro-active policing when they observed a male riding his bicycle down the centerline of the street. They conducted a traffic stop for the traffic infraction.

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The operator of the bicycle, Shane McKinney,35, was wearing a hoodie with long sleeves and the temperature was in the high 90’s. The deputies then observed a crack pipe sticking out of the pocket of McKinney’s hoodie and placed him under arrest for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. In a search incident to arrest, McKinney was also found to be in possession of 6.7 grams of Methamphetamine and .3 grams of Fentanyl.

Florida Drug Haul

Since the arrest took place near McKinney’s residence, he requested his bicycle be dropped off there before going to jail. The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office is all about customer service, (and it’s also easier than taking the bike to the Sheriff’s Office and placing it into property & evidence), so they granted the request and delivered the bicycle to his residence.

While at McKinney’s residence, Florida Man #2 arrived. Detectives recognized the driver as four time convicted felon Jonathan Griffin, who they’ve been searching for to serve him with an arrest warrant for DWLSR,  (Driving While License Suspended or Revoked). The deputies conducted a traffic stop in the driveway of McKinney’s residence.

Griffin was placed into custody for the active warrant, and then decided it would be a good idea to attempt to flee while in handcuffs. After an extremely short foot pursuit, Griffin was searched incident to arrest and was found to be in possession of 93.1 grams of meth, 1.5 grams of cannabis, 11.8 grams of crack cocaine, 54.6 grams of fentanyl, 36 oxycodone pills, 3 methadone pills, 7 unknown pills, $17,516 in cash and two firearms.

Both men were transported to the Hernando County jail where McKinney’s bond was set at $5,000. Griffin’s bond was slightly higher. $1,500 bond for the original DWLSR charge, and $157,000 for the new charges.

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