Disney Could Face Disaster as Customer Complaints Mount

Disney is facing mounting dissatisfaction from its customers as prices at its theme parks continue to rise, and the quality of its products plummets.

In an article by the New York Post, customers document a wide range of issues with Disney, from its skyrocketing prices to defective rides and attractions to its dirty facilities.

One customer said he had a poor experience due to rides being down and didn’t expect Disney to fix them anytime soon.

“Rides are also down a lot. It’s been lacking since they reopened and I don’t expect it to change anytime soon,” the user continued. “They know people will keep coming regardless.”

Another customer specifically complained about one of Disney’s rides based on ‘The Little Mermaid’, saying that something was broken in ‘almost every scene’.

“Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid at Magic Kingdom,”  ride. “Half of the in-queue hermit crab effects simply don’t work,” one customer complained. “In almost every scene something is broken — the moray eel’s eyes for example — one eye works, the other broken.”

The customer said that their dissatisfaction didn’t stop at just that one ride.

“You could do this for every ride, something is broken, unkempt, or not functional,” the customer added.

Representative Matt Gaetz, R-Fl. called Disney out last year for attempting to shield its parks from liability when children get hurt on their rides.

He accused Disney of attempting to get legislation passed that would call the purchase of a ticket to a Disney theme park in Florida a waiver, absolving the park of liability of people get injured on a defective ride.

Yet another customer complained about the poor performances of cast members at Disney’s facilities, saying their acting was subpar.

“Last year when I was here, I was blown away with CM’s [cast members], especially at Galaxy’s Edge, with maintaining the illusion. This year, a lot of the CM’s were not in character at all,” the user said. “The resorts have all had some small issues like the main door not closing when we leave, to A/C not working properly.”

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Galaxy’s Edge is a hotel based on a galactic starcruiser from Star Wars. It costs $3,000 per night including entertainment and meals.

Even worse, some customers claimed that the park was not abiding by basic sanitary and maintenance standards, saying that there was trash littered throughout the park and chipped paint on buildings.

“There is no doubt that the parks, restaurants, and hotels that we enjoyed were in definite need of repair, there was a clear lack of general maintenance,” a guest wrote. “It was genuinely shocking. At the prices they are charging, there is zero excuse for it, including COVID.”

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