Republican Party of Palm Beach County Rejects Log Cabin Hispanic

The Republican Executive Committee of Palm Beach County held a hate-drenched meeting Wednesday night where they rejected the membership application of a young conservative Hispanic who happens to be gay and belittled the entire slate of Republican candidates, with one member even yelling that The Republican Party of Florida was giving millions to RINOs (Republicans In Name Only)

Steve Avila, a 32-year-old gay Hispanic, a graduate of Dartmouth who speaks Mandarin, had his membership application rejected last night by the local Republican Executive Committee.

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Avila took the video of failed Republican primary candidate Jane Justice losing control of herself as she often does at a FreedomWorks event in August. Still, his real crime was supporting Florida Rep. Mike Caruso, R-Delray Beach.

The out-of-control REC Frankenstein monster mob censured Caruso for endorsing a Democrat in a Democratic primary, a common practice among elected Republicans in this Democratic county. Caruso, unlike them, knows how to win an election.

If you don’t know Justice, click below, scroll down, and get to know her.

Republican candidate goes on embarrassing rant at FreedomWorks Hispanic event

One of the absurd lies you’ll hear in the video you’re about to watch is that it’s illegal to record a candidate for public office at a public event. It isn’t.

Pause for a moment and appreciate the delicious irony of a candidate for public office whining about being “secretly” videoed while she’s “secretly” videoed.

I could care less what Justice thinks about me, but someone should correct the misinformation she spews.

Justice says she “was’ followed by a private eye. That’s speculation, and there isn’t any evidence to support her belief.

There is a Politics 101 point here- if you run for office, the opposition might hire a private investigator to check you out. True or not, Justice playing the victim over a PI is pathetic. I doubt the Caruso campaign thought she was enough of a threat to hire one. Caruso crushed Justice in the primary.

Caruso Crushed Justice

There’s no Justice in Jane’s maniacal campaign against Rep. Mike Caruso

FloridaJolt re-published easily found public donor information.

Justice calls the entire slate of Palm beach County Republican candidates Republicans In Name Only (RINO) and hints at a conspiracy.

I did stage the Moon landings in my backyard with my fellow Illuminati when I was a young boy, but that’s it, I promise.

Avila took a legal video of a candidate and supported Republican Mike Caruso. 

For that, the REC held a Stalinist show trial and denied a committed Republican activist a place at the table by a vote of 96-54.

I spoke to Avia today, and he was surprisingly upbeat. He said he was “a conservative who wants to do the right thing, and he isn’t going away.”

I’ve never spoken to Avila before. (He did text me a quote once) Avila is a bright young man committed to the conservative cause. I had to wait until after one o’clock today to talk to Avila.

Despite being humiliated and shunned by his party, he was out knocking on doors for Republican House Rep. Rick Roth.

An odd couple is floating around the county and the REC. Mary Ellen Manning is the person speaking in this next video. Later on in the meeting, her husband, Ted Sarandis, was ranting, “The Republican Party of Florida was giving millions of dollars to RINOs.”

I asked the local Republican Executive Committee Chair, Mike Barnett, if he agreed with Sarandis about RPOF, and he said, “No.”

Manning is a former Democrat and was the campaign manager for Justice.

She uses the word “terrorizing,” which illustrates her constant use of leftist language.

Manning wants to impose a code of conduct and regulate what can be said by her fellow Republicans. She sounds like a frustrated dictator, upset because she can’t find enough people to oppress.

That Manning wants to impose political speech codes for anyone puts her squarely against conservative and Republican concepts of freedom.

Manning belongs on the Jan.6 committee or overseeing a show trial in North Korea, she may register herself as a Republican, but I’m not hearing a Republican speak, are you?

I asked Barnett to comment on the Avila debacle and if he agreed with what happened.

Barnett said,

Steve is a friend of mine, it was very nice welcoming him back to the Republican party after having been away for so long. He is a leader among the Log Cabin Republicans and a loyal party activist, and I do regret that the Republican Executive Committee decided not to admit him for membership.

I disagree with the decision, but I must respect the vote of the executive committee

It’s worth noting that among the 54 votes for Avila, aka the sane people, were Barnett, the board of directors, Rep. Rick Roth, and the former chair of the REC, Sid Dinerstein.

Others voted for Avila, but I only confirmed the ones I mentioned.

I also asked Barnett if he thought the board of directors owed Avila an apology:

No. It was not the board’s decision. The REC decided, and we have to abide by their decision. However, I did apologize to Steve from the podium immediately after the vote. I disagreed with the vote, but we must respect the decision.

I’m glad Barnett apologized to Avila, but I disagree with him about the board having to apologize, and I do not respect the Republican Executive Committee’s decision. I don’t even respect any member who voted to exclude Avila.

When a group that the board is supposed to lead humiliates a committed activist and every Republican with a functioning brain, the board should apologize to Republicans everywhere.

When I asked Avila if he was more of a moderate Republican or a conservative, he said, “I’m a conservative if they want me.”

Real conservatives want Avila in the party as we do anyone who shares most of our beliefs.

To all Hispanics, gay or not, if you believe in conservatism, all of us real Republicans out in the world welcome you to the party. We salute your efforts, and I apologize to Avila, and I’m sure all real Republicans would, too.

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