Republican candidate goes on embarrassing rant at FreedomWorks Hispanic event

When a candidate for public office goes to a Hispanic Grassroots Alliance Event, they probably shouldn’t go on an angry tirade and say Hispanics don’t know what’s happening at school.

Last night, FreedomWorks held a Hispanic Grassroots Alliance event, and Jane Justice, who’s running in the Republican primary against sitting Florida Republican State Rep. Mike Caruso, once again lost her composure.

Justice indulged herself in an unstable rant that bordered on being anti-Hispanic.

We need commercials on TV in Spanish if need be. The Hispanic people are all over here, and they don’t know what’s going on at school. They have no idea. ~Jane Justice

Here’s the FreedomWorks event flyer.

It’s not like the Republicans who support Justice haven’t been warned.

In, There’s no Justice in Jane’s maniacal campaign against Rep. Mike Caruso, I warned that Justice was unfit to run for or hold elected office.

Read my first post on Jane and watch this video. Then ask yourself if this is a person you think should be representing the Republican Party.

Steve Avilla, who attended the FreedomWorks event, responded to our story by saying:

This article confirms that Jane Justice is unfit for office by harboring borderline nativist tendencies and being prone to believe in conspiracies. Even “in context,” what she’s saying is offensive and unhinged. -Steve Avila

Former Florida State Rep. Cary Pigman (2012-2020) contacted Jolt and said:

I am so happy to be out of the process. I remain astounded that half of all Republicans are comfortable condemning & ostracizing the other half as RINO’s then continue to expect that they can win general elections.

My Republican Party prevails because it is a large tent that includes many and excludes very few. Maybe I am foolish. ~Former Florida State Rep. Cary  Pigman

Hispanics have been moving over to the Republican Party and helping to turn Florida not just red but deep red.

But when you talk about people’s children not having any parents like this, they tend not to appreciate it.

Nobody can handle that many children. They have no parents. Who’s going to handle it? It’s a war against us. ~Jane Justice

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But as Facebook would say, it’s missing context. Here’s some more context for you.

Iif you don't speak English you are not really American - Jane Justice Facebook post

Like most Americans, I want the southern border closed and immigration controlled.

But for the record, neither one of my grandmothers spoke English well. The Grandma who lived with us when I was a kid spoke broken English. English mixed with a Sicilian dialect from the other side. After forty years in this country, she passed, never having learned to speak English very well. That woman worked like a dog to make a better life for her family. And to Justice and her xenophobic friends and supporters-my Grandmother was an American.

The food supply is in danger right now.The kids coming over the border, I feel
bad for them, but never mind the culture.We are all going to go hungry unless we get this message out.~Jane Justice

Need more, I’ll give you more. Again, from Justices’ Facebook page. Someone questioned her on this, and Justice said, “You must be a 33.”

I have no idea what that means. The expression “33” has multiple meanings, and I wouldn’t even begin to try and figure out what Justice thinks.

666 Revelation - Jane Justice Image post on social mediaJane Justice Facebook Post about final daysJane Justice biblical facebook message

These are scary and dangerous times for our country, and it’s prudent to be concerned and take political action or, if you’re Justice, put away your Ouija boards so the demons go away.

Ouija board

I’m more upset with the Republican Executive Committee members supporting her than I am with Justice.

These are the people who are enabling Justice:

Political contributions are public records, and these people need to own their support of Justice. This is not political action. This is self-immolation.

I actually had an old and dear friend tell me that Caruso deserved to be primaried because he “dissed” the REC.

That is not a responsible position. We’re fighting for the future of our country, not to defend the petty egos of small-time local political hacks.

Yes, I’m supporting Caruso, and I’ve donated to Caruso. What my readers might not know is that I knew his primary opponent when Caruso first ran, and I didn’t know Caruso. The Furnari family gave three thousand dollars to his opponent, and my son worked for his campaign. When Caruso won, I did my best to help Caruso in the general election.

That’s what you’re supposed to do (given the candidate is sane) to advance a cause.

The Justice enablers are hurting and embarrassing the Republican party. They need to be called out for it.

It’s no coincidence that when the Palm Beach Post profiled Caruso and Justice, they treated Justice like a legitimate candidate.

Justice is not a legitimate candidate, and no matter how many reporters the Post has laid off, they should have known that she wasn’t. My guess is that they did know but didn’t say anything because they want Justice to win the primary so that Republicans will lose the seat in the general election.

When I started Jolt, I promised to publish what the legacy media would not, and that’s what I’m doing. Some may have mistaken that promise as a pledge only to expose the left.

They’re wrong.

I will look at the left much more than my side, but I won’t stay silent when my party and the cause to which I’ve dedicated decades of my life are damaged.

I apologize on behalf of my party and the conservative cause to my Hispanic brother and sister Republicans.

If you’re new to the party, this is not who we are.


Full Disclosure: I’ve endorsed and donated to the Mike Caruso campaign.

And just in case you missed it, read:

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There’s no Justice in Jane’s maniacal campaign against Rep. Mike Caruso

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