Two PBC School Board Members Vote Against Expelling Student for Meat Cleaver

Two Palm Beach County School Board members voted against expelling a student carrying a meat cleaver despite Florida’s Zero Tolerance Laws and the School District’s own Zero Tolerance Policy.

On Wed. Sept 7, the school board voted 5-2 to expel a student for bringing a meat cleaver to school.

Alexandria Ayala, District 2, and Debra Robinson, District 7, ignored Florida Statute 1006.13 and the district’s own Zero Tolerance Policy #5.1814 and voted against expulsion.

The District’s policy includes weapons like metallic knuckles and billies. Which are more commonly known as brass knuckles and wooden clubs as in a police officer’s nightstick.

One doesn’t have to be a weapons expert to appreciate it would be better to get hit in the head by a nightstick or punched with brass knuckles than have your head split open with a meat cleaver.

Special Meeting Agenda for Expulsions and the recorded vote:

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Keith Oswald, Chief of Equity and Wellness, signed the expulsion recommendation, and only Superintendent Burke has the authority to mitigate the recommendation, which he did not do.

Meat Cleaver

Despite the deadliness of a meat cleaver, it’s clear it’s not the weapon that matters to Ayala and Robinson, it’s the imposition of consequence.

Robinson supports ‘safe harbors,’ which eliminates consequences for carrying a weapon if a student turns it in.

In August, WPTV reported that Robinson said,

 “I want a student, who, if for whatever reason, they’re carrying a Taser with them to school, I want them to be able to turn it in and basically self-report without consequences,”

Debra Robinson
School Board District 7 Representative Debra Robinson

The school district’s zero-tolerance policy is due to be reviewed in October, but it is in effect now, and it’s not at all sure that the expulsion policy will be modified.

But Robinson is retiring from the school board and won’t be around after the election. She can make a mockery of laws and policies now because she won’t have to face the consequences of her irresponsible behavior.

Ayala is the woke progressive constantly jockeying for attention by defying the law. She criticizes and defies laws and policies every chance she gets. Ayala doesn’t like Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis, and she makes it known any time she can.

The Palm Beach County School board is under scrutiny, and some members could face removal for purposefully ignoring state law

Alexandria Ayala
School Board District 2 Representative Alexandria Ayala

Just before Labor Day, state education officials were at the school board investigating findings by a grand jury that the School District was willfully violating school safety laws and underreporting incidents of criminal activity.

A retiring Robinson is one thing, but Ayala wants to be famous, and she’s purposefully goading DeSantis and almost daring him to remove her.

If there’s anything I’m certain about in politics, it’s that it isn’t smart to goad Gov. DeSantis.

Mess with the bull, you get the horns.

Florida Statute 1006.13


Palm Beach County School District’s Zero Tolerance Policy #5.1814

New ‘safe harbor’ rule debated by Palm Beach County School Board members

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