If You’re a Fan of Pres. Trump, Check Your Spam Folder

Trump supporters have seen it all when it comes to being suppressed, de-platformed, and marginalized by big tech, including emails. The emails from Trumpsterz Tuesday Therapy get suppressed in my inbox.

Having emails suppressed is incredibly annoying and outrageous.

Months ago, I signed up to get the emails from a quirky named, fun-looking Trump club in the North End of Palm Beach County called the Trumpsterz Tuesday Therapy club.

The name and the whimsical graphics caught my eye. Sometimes political clubs are so serious and swelled with self-importance that they’re boring.

TTT does not look boring.


I’ve gotten TTT’s emails here and there, but most of them end up in my spam folder despite my signing up. But it’s worse than that. I have removed TTT’s emails from spam and marked them as “not spam” half a dozen times, but no matter what I do, all their emails end up in my spam folder again.

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I stopped believing in Big Tech “coincidences” and their “it was just a mistake” garbage long ago.

There are specific keywords in an email subject line, like the word “free,” that will cause your organization’s email to get marked as spam.

Email providers and servers have algorithms that look for these words because they are usually from spammers. Still, if anyone thinks that the name Trump in a subject line or even in the email doesn’t cause a problem, they haven’t been paying attention.

All these big tech mistakes and coincidences magically increase right before an election. I’ve been running conservative-oriented political news websites and managing substantial email programs since 2010, and I’ve watched the email suppression get worse and worse.

Don’t even think about getting many of your emails delivered if you have anti-mask or anti-lockdown language in your subject line.

There are also email blacklists online, which I’ll cover in another post.

Until Republicans get control of one or both branches of congress, there’s not a lot we can do about it, and even with power, Republicans have not had the spine to protect us from censorship in the past, so I’m not expecting much.

We can search our spam folders for suppressed conservative emails, keep marking them as “not spam,” and complain to our email service providers.

I started writing this post on Friday, Sept. 2, when I saw notices of events on the TTT Facebook pages and realized I hadn’t seen an email from them in a while. I went and looked in my spam folder, and sure enough, I found a bunch of TTT emails.

I moved every email back to my inbox and marked each one as “not spam.” Today, Sept. 3, at 8:22 AM, TTT sent me another email that went to spam.

It is a never-ending battle, but it’s a battle worth fighting.

Check your spam folders.

Find out more about Trumpsterz Tuesday Therapy

Here’s a screencap of the most relevant information in the latest email from Trumpsterz Tuesday Therapy.

Trumpsterz Tuesday Therapy

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