A Roundup of PBC School Board Races and Yelling at Pregnant Women

School board races in Palm Beach County didn’t turn out that well for candidates who favor parental rights and oppose “equity” in our schools. Demographics is a big part of that, but the fragmentation of effort was a factor also.

Karen Brill
Karen Brill

Fiscally responsible Karen Brill fights for children and parents

In District 3, a candidate I supported, Karen Brill, romped to victory, getting 68.79% of the vote. Brill is the county’s most popular school board member, and her district is heavily Democratic and disagrees with the issues her opponents ran on. Brill had three challengers from the “parental-rights” side of the aisle, which generally means Republican or Republican-leaning.

Bailey Lashells
Bailey Lashells

Palm Beach County’s war against school kids

Bailey “Fiona’s Mom” Lashells received 7.89% of the vote with hardly any money or professional help. Bailey’s daughter Fiona is the girl who refused to wear a mask, and the school administration came down on Fiona like the Palm Beach County School system was Guantanamo Bay.

The way the school system treated Fiona was a disgrace

I broke the original story about Fiona, so I know Lashells. She’s a kind and gracious woman who handled herself well through the ordeal with her daughter and her school board race.

The night of the election, Lashalls wished Brill well on Facebook.

Brill, gracious as always, sent me the following quote for this article:

“I appreciate Bailey Lashells’ and Kristen Stevenson’s passion for their children and education. I look forward to finding common ground and ways to work together to resolve concerns going forward.”

There was another candidate in this race I have a few words to say about, but he doesn’t belong in the same section as civilized people, so I’m giving him a section of his own.

Connor Frontera

Frontera also ran against Brill. He spent $11,137.73 to get 8.96% of the vote.

Politics is a rough game, and if you want to play it, you have to take the heat that goes with it, but in over thirty years of Palm Beach County politics, I have never seen a man scream at a pregnant woman.

At the last meeting of the Republican Executive Committee of Palm Beach County, Frontera screamed at Angelique Contreras, who was around six and a half months pregnant and had announced it multiple times on all the usual social media outlets. 

The back story is that a devout conservative Christian businessman, who’s probably given more money to Republican candidates than the REC combined, held a fundraising event for Brill, Contreras, and Amanda Silvestri.

It’s his money, and he gets to decide who to support-the REC, or Frontera doesn’t have a say in the matter.

Frontera is screaming like a psycho because Silvestri and Contreras went to an event they had to attend as responsible candidates.

It’s none of Frontera’s business how other candidates run their campaigns.

Watch the video of Frontera:

Republicans are always, with due cause, mocking the beta and pajama boys on the other side of the aisle, but where are the Republican men in this meeting of the Republican Executive Committee?

Call me old-fashioned, but the Republican men I know would never stand for a man yelling at a pregnant woman, never mind a little pissant like Frontera.

I called Frontera and asked him if he wanted to comment on an article I was writing that was partially about him, and in a meek little tone, he said, “No, no, thank you.” I expected a more aggressive exchange, but I guess he thought better of it since I’m not a woman. Wise move.

There are too many Republican candidates screaming and yelling that they’re the only patriots and faithful MAGA supporters and everyone else is a RINO. (Republican In Name Only)

That needs to end, we have to win in November, and these divisive looney-toon tactics lose votes for the entire Republican slate.

P.S. To all rookie candidates. Whenever you’re not home, assume you are being videoed. There are no more secrets.

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In the School Board District 4 race, Angelique Contreras lost to Erica Whitfield by a large margin. Whitfield was the incumbent and a Democrat. Contreras was the parental rights candidate, and she was pounded unmercifully by the Palm Beach Post. Whitfield did her best to hide her radical leftism and played all hearts and flowers, and in this predominantly Democratic district, it worked.

Angelique Contreras
Angelique Contreras

Angelique Contreras: Returning power to the parents in Palm Beach County

Contreras isn’t going away, though:

“Regardless of the results of this election, I will continue to advocate for our children and families in Palm Beach County. There is still a fight ahead of us to ensure parents are heard and students are funded.” ~ Angelique Contreras

In The District 6 School Board race, Jen Showalter edged out Amanda Silvestri and forced a runoff with Marcia Andrews, the incumbent and an opponent of parental rights. She also supports pretty much anything the teachers union wants.

Jen Showalter
Jen Showalter

“Your child, your choice” is not just a slogan to Jen Showalter

Marcia Andrews only received 48.74% when she needed 50%+1 to win outright. Showalter got 18.05%, Silvestri 16.67%, Jeff Browning 13.02%, and Deanne Evers 3.52%.

Showalter and Silvestri were the parental rights candidates most people thought had the best shot. Andrews hit Silvestri with two negative mailers but never hit anyone else. Andrews was scared of Silvestri, but Showalter has proven to be a tough competitor, and Andrews might be in for a shock come November.

Amanda Silvestri
Amanda Silvestri

Amanda Silvestri: 2022 is the year of the parents, putting kids first

A twelve-year incumbent who can’t win outright in a divided field of newcomers better not get complacent. Showalter’s coming for you.


The District 7 School Board race had Chris Persaud going up against Cory Smith, a Debra Robinson puppet, and Edwin Ferguson.

Christopher Persaud
Christopher Persaud

Servant’s heart leads Chris Persaud to run for Palm Beach County School Board

I got to know Persaud some and found him to be a dignified and courteous man of faith. Great qualities for real life, but not as valued as they should be by the political world.

Ferguson and Smith will face each other in a runoff on election day.

No matter what happens on election day, the people and parents of Palm Beach County are awake, and we will not let the school system harm or indoctrinate children anymore.

Leftist school board members should make sure their home life is happy because they won’t have much fun sitting on that school board unless they change their ways. That, I guarantee.

Full Disclosure: I endorsed and donated to the Brill, Contreras, Silvestri, and Persaud campaigns.

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