The Fraternal Order of Police declined Debra Robinson’s race card

The Palm Beach County School board members are accustomed to making exaggerated and outlandish statements and getting away with it, but those days are ending, as The Fraternal Order of Police proved to School Board Member Debra Robinson this week.

Robinson said, “I’d like to ask for a moment of silence for the young man who was murdered on the campus of Dreyfoos.”

In May, Romen Phelps sped through the Dreyfoos School of Arts gates, crashed into a tree, ran into the school, and violently fought police officers before he was shot and killed.

That’s not murder.

The police were understandably upset, and the West Palm Beach Fraternal Order of Police issued a letter calling on Robinson to “rescind her comment and make an apology.”

Robinson responded:

“Please allow this email to serve as an apology for the misuse of the word ‘murder,'” Robinson wrote. “I actually had to look it up to understand clearly that the word includes criminality and intentionality. It was not my purpose to convey either. I have no reason to believe that the officer walked in with any such intent.” Palm Beach Post

Adam Meyers, President of the West Palm FOP, still wants a public apology, and the police deserve one.

Given Robinson’s response, one of two things happened here, Robinson meant to race-bait and wanted to bash the police, or Robinson honestly didn’t know what “murder” meant.

The public is no longer tolerating this level of irresponsible rhetoric from elected officials.

The race card isn’t working as well as it used to, so maybe Robinson used this weak excuse to weasel out of what she said.

What’s unheard of, scary, and sad is if you believe Robinson, you accept that a person on the school board for twenty-two years, and an actual M.D., doesn’t know what the word murder means.

Again, a person who has been in charge of educating our children for twenty-two years had to look up the word murder.

Either way, the Palm Beach County School Board continues to beclown themselves, and it’s the children paying the price for their incompetence. 

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