Florida Man Carjacks Woman – Kidnaps 3 Year Old In Back Seat

A Florida Man decided to carjack a woman in Ft. Myers. The woman was pumping gas at the Citgo in the 4300 block of Palm Beach Boulevard when the suspect pulled a knife and stole her vehicle.

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The store surveillance video shows the woman begging the suspect to let her boy out and attempting to hang onto the truck while being dragged through the parking lot. She then watched in horror as the man sped off with her 3 year old son Timothy, who was in the back seat sleeping. The woman ran towards the store to call Police, who arrived quickly as well as family & community members to help in the search for Timothy.

The suspect didn’t drive far though. The suspect dumped the truck about a quarter mile down Palm Beach Boulevard near the Williams hardware store. Luckily Timothy, who sat in the back seat of the abandoned truck for about half an hour, was found by Police unharmed.

Jessie Davis was working at a pet shop next door to where the boy was found.

“We saw a car parked there but we didn’t see any kids or nothing, and we were back there, and everything looked normal there’s always cars parked there,” Davis told WINK News.

Davis said the area can be unsafe at times.

“This is not a great part of the neighborhood. So, you kind of used to it,” Davis said.

Ft. Myers Police are still on the lookout for the suspect described as a black male in his 40-50s with a gray beard, long sleeve green shirt and camouflage hat. They ask anyone recognizing him to call 911 or Crimestoppers.

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