Sen. Rick Scott is ‘100 Percent Certain’ Republicans Will Retake the Senate

Senator Rick Scott, R-Fl. is one of the people leading the charge to help Republicans retake the Senate in the November midterms.

Scott has been bullish on Republicans’ chances of winning in recent months, heaping praise on Republican candidates in swing states such as Blake Masters, J.D Vance, and Mehmet Oz.

This week, Scott sat down for an interview where he explained why he is ‘100 percent certain’ that Republicans can and will retake the Senate.

“I’m 100 percent certain we’ll take the Senate,” said Scott, the chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee. “I think we’re going to have a breakthrough.”

Scott praised the candidates running in swing states such as Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Georgia.

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“Just look at our candidates. I mean, look at them. … These guys have great backgrounds. And they’re working hard. They’re running good races,” Scott said.

In response to Scott’s optimism, White House Correspondent Jon Decker discussed poll numbers showing Democrats in the lead.

“The people that you’ve just praised so much in many cases are trailing in their respective races,” he said.

Scott said Biden’s low approval ratings are a good indicator that Republicans can win contested races.

“This is a referendum on Biden,” said Scott.

He further said that Biden’s disconnect with average Americans would help Republicans in the midterms.

“I do know that Biden helps us every day. When he has a party for inflation on the day that inflation is 8.3 percent, that probably helps us a lot. When he continues to leave the border open, that probably helps us a lot. … If you look at everything he’s doing, when he says, ‘Oh, if you’re a construction worker, you’re going to pay off the debt of somebody going to an Ivy League school,’ that probably helps us win.”

Scott has become a target of Democrat’s ire in the past few weeks due to his efforts to retake the Senate, with the Lincoln Project releasing an attack ad on him today.

Scott and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky. recently got into a feud over the midterm elections.

McConnell has repeatedly doubted Republicans’ chances of winning the midterms, saying that many candidates who won their primaries are too extreme for the general electorate.

Scott wrote an op-ed calling McConnell’s comments ‘treasonous’ to the Republican cause and scolded him for attacking Republican candidates in front of the liberal media.

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